LG Electronics patents granted on 03 January 2012

29 US patents granted on 03 January 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE43,069 Method for controlling home network system
2 RE43,064 Method for downloading information data in wireless local loop system
3 D651,590 Bluetooth car kit for mobile phone
4 D651,587 Speaker for home theater
5 D651,583 Mobile phone
6 8,091,113 Simultaneously reproducing broadcast and replay content on a display
7 8,090,987 Imaging apparatus having automatic backup function and method for controlling the same
8 8,090,968 Apparatus and method for power management control
9 8,090,807 Home code setting method for home network system
10 8,090,765 System and method for reproducing information stored on a data recording medium in an interactive networked environment
11 8,090,743 Document management system and method
12 8,090,587 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding multi-channel audio signal
13 8,090,586 Method and apparatus for embedding spatial information and reproducing embedded signal for an audio signal
14 8,090,423 Mobile terminal
15 8,090,390 Method of transmitting and receiving paging messages in wirelss communication system
16 8,090,382 Allocating radio resources in mobile communication system
17 8,090,242 Method for selectively reproducing title
18 8,090,237 Recording medium containing moving picture data and additional information thereof and reproducing method and apparatus of the recording medium
19 8,090,103 Method of managing copy protection information of a recording medium, recording medium with copy protection information for contents recorded thereon, and reproducing method for the recording medium
20 8,090,038 Channel equalizer and method of processing broadcast signal in receiving system
21 8,089,988 Method for selecting transport format combination guaranteed QoS in mobile communication system
22 8,089,929 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method in the digital broadcasting system
23 8,089,919 Packet transmission acknowledgement in wireless communication system
24 8,089,240 Motor and method for starting the same
25 8,087,267 Drum type washing machine
26 8,087,266 Laundry machine
27 8,087,261 Defroster for evaporator in refrigerator
28 8,087,257 Air conditioner integrated management system and control method of the same
29 8,087,148 Structure of driving unit in drum type washing machine