LG Electronics patents granted on 03 June 2014

70 US patents granted on 03 June 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE44,928 Method for receiving control information in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system of mobile communication system
2 D706,315 Refrigerator
3 D706,314 Refrigerator
4 D706,280 Display of mobile phone with transitional graphical user interface
5 D706,252 Mobile phone
6 D706,250 Mobile phone
7 D706,238 Mobile phone
8 D706,237 Mobile phone
9 D706,236 Mobile phone
10 D706,233 Television receiver
11 8,745,672 Digital broadcasting receiver and method for controlling the same
12 8,745,668 Service system and method of providing service in digital receiver thereof
13 8,745,667 Method of processing channel information and receiver
14 8,745,662 Method of transmitting preview content and method and apparatus for receiving preview content
15 8,745,533 Method for displaying web page and mobile terminal using the same
16 8,745,527 Terminal and method of controlling windows thereof
17 8,745,495 Mobile terminal and method of controlling operation of the mobile terminal
18 8,745,490 Mobile terminal capable of controlling various operations using a multi-fingerprint-touch input and method of controlling the operation of the mobile terminal
19 8,745,469 Signal segmentation method and CRC attachment method for reducing undetected error
20 8,745,462 Channel coding method of variable length information using block code
21 8,745,459 Channel coding method of variable length information using block code
22 8,745,101 Terminal and method for identifying contents
23 8,744,859 Operation method of interactive refrigerator system
24 8,744,528 Gesture-based control method and apparatus of an electronic device
25 8,744,521 Mobile communication terminal having a projection module for projecting images on a projection surface external to the mobile communication terminal
26 8,744,489 Mobile terminal and method of transferring or receiving data using the same
27 8,744,483 Method and apparatus for updating location information for a terminal
28 8,744,463 Method for transmitting a signal for a location-based service in a wireless communication system, and apparatus for same
29 8,744,343 Method for controlling mobility of terminal in broadband wireless access system including relay station
30 8,744,115 Speaker
31 8,743,986 Multi-cell based method for applying multi-cell MIMO
32 8,743,971 Digital television system
33 8,743,966 Block error compensating apparatus of image frame and method thereof
34 8,743,960 Method of decoding a bi-predictive image block
35 8,743,904 Data transmission method according to radio resource allocation in multi-hop relay system
36 8,743,874 Apparatus for transmitting MAC PDU with a fragmentation and packing extended header and method thereof
37 8,743,856 Wireless charging of mobile device
38 8,743,855 Method of generating data and transmitting synchronization channel in mobile communication system
39 8,743,847 Apparatus and method for transmission opportunity in mesh network
40 8,743,846 Method for transmitting service flow information in a wireless communication system
41 8,743,832 Method for performing uncontrolled handover
42 8,743,824 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving a signal in a wireless communication system that supports multi-user MIMO transmission
43 8,743,819 Method for acquiring resource region information for PHICH and method of receiving PDCCH
44 8,743,817 Method and apparatus for controlling transmit power
45 8,743,815 Method and base station for transmitting SA-preamble and method and user equipment for receiving SA-preamble
46 8,743,811 Method for wireless communication between a user device and a base station in a wireless communication system supporting uplink and downlink multi carriers, and a device for implementing the method
47 8,743,810 Apparatus and method for allocating one or more resources to reduce resource hole in a wireless access system
48 8,743,807 Method and apparatus for transmitting reference signal
49 8,743,797 Method of allocating radio resouces in a wireless communication system
50 8,743,792 Method for transmitting ACK/NACK signal in wireless communication system applied carrier aggregation and apparatus therefor
51 8,743,783 Method and apparatus for information transmission in wireless communication system
52 8,743,771 Method for enabling relay node to transmit uplink control information in wireless communication system and the relay node
53 8,743,754 Transmitter having multiple antennas
54 8,743,724 Method and apparatus for transmitting signal using spatial silencing
55 8,743,682 Method and apparatus for notifying of the occurrence of an event in a wireless communication system
56 8,743,283 Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
57 8,743,282 Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
58 8,743,143 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
59 8,743,072 Display device and control method thereof
60 8,743,021 Display device detecting gaze location and method for controlling thereof
61 8,742,972 Method for controlling external device and remote controller thereof
62 8,742,656 Organic light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
63 8,742,439 Nitride based light emitting device
64 8,741,116 Sputtering apparatus, method of operating the same, and method of manufacturing substrate using the same
65 8,740,882 Medical robotic system and method of controlling the same
66 8,740,585 Hermetic compressor
67 8,740,338 Ink-jet print apparatus and method
68 8,739,579 Ball balancer and laundry apparatus having the same
69 8,739,578 Washing machine with a liquid detergent mixer
70 8,739,577 Washing machine