LG Electronics patents granted on 03 May 2016

63 US patents granted on 03 May 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE45,996 Method for transmitting and receiving system information elements in a wireless access system
2 D755,458 Electric washing machine
3 D755,457 Electric washing machine
4 D755,276 Beam projector
5 D755,275 Beam projector
6 D755,261 Door for Refrigerator
7 D755,239 Multimedia terminal having image design displayed thereon
8 D755,238 Multimedia terminal having transitional graphical user interface
9 D755,237 Multimedia terminal having transitional graphical user interface
10 D755,211 Display screen with graphical user interface
11 D755,172 Mobile phone case
12 D755,171 Mobile phone case
13 D755,166 Mobile phone
14 D755,150 Mobile phone
15 D755,149 Mobile phone
16 D755,145 TV receiver
17 D755,144 TV receiver
18 D755,141 TV receiver
19 D755,140 TV receiver
20 D755,139 TV receiver
21 D755,138 TV receiver
22 D755,137 TV receiver
23 D755,009 Oven range
24 D755,008 Oven range
25 9,332,560 Method of performing measurement at UE in wireless communication system and apparatus thereof
26 9,332,544 Channel switching method in a medical body area network
27 9,332,540 Method and device for transmitting and receiving downlink control channel for controlling inter-cell interference in wireless communication system
28 9,332,538 Method of allocating resources in a wireless network
29 9,332,528 Method and device for feeding back precoding matrix indicator using interpolation
30 9,332,517 Method and device for transmitting a synchronization signal in a wireless communication system
31 9,332,493 Communication method and communication apparatus by station that operates in power safe mode in wireless LAN system
32 9,332,484 Method and apparatus for operating within white space band using message indicating whether available channel information is valid in wireless system
33 9,332,449 Method and apparatus for feedback of channel state information
34 9,332,312 Video display device and method of controlling the same
35 9,332,301 Multimedia device and method for displaying advertisement broadcasting thereof
36 9,332,300 Apparatus and method for controlling display of information on a television
37 9,332,298 Image display apparatus and method for operating the same
38 9,332,249 Mobile terminal
39 9,332,211 Mobile terminal and audio zooming method thereof
40 9,332,172 Terminal device, information display system and method of controlling therefor
41 9,332,111 Data transferring method using direction information and mobile device using the same
42 9,332,105 Communication connecting apparatus and method
43 9,332,097 Mobile terminal
44 9,332,096 Mobile terminal
45 9,331,831 Method for receiving or transmitting downlink signals and apparatus therefor
46 9,331,828 Bundling scheduling method in wireless access system and apparatus therefor
47 9,331,826 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in a wireless communication system
48 9,331,825 Method for transmitting and receiving additional control signals
49 9,331,816 Method for receiving ACK/NACK signal in mobile communications system
50 9,331,223 Solar cell module and photovoltaic power generation system including the same
51 9,330,610 Liquid crystal display device including a backlight unit employing a light source and method for driving the same
52 9,330,313 Glass type mobile terminal
53 9,329,747 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
54 9,329,746 Method for managing contents and display apparatus thereof
55 9,329,693 Display device and method of setting group information
56 9,328,953 Refrigerator and controlling method thereof
57 9,328,951 Refrigerator
58 9,328,452 Laundry machine having a drying function
59 9,328,449 Control method of laundry machine
60 9,328,448 Laundry machine with drying duct comprising a nozzle
61 9,328,447 Washing machine to produce three-dimensional motion
62 9,328,443 Operating method of washing machine
63 9,327,225 Air cleaning filter and method for manufacturing the same