LG Electronics patents granted on 04 August 2015

58 US patents granted on 04 August 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D735,782 Refrigerator
2 D735,781 Refrigerator
3 D735,780 Refrigerator
4 D735,779 Refrigerator
5 D735,742 Display screen of a mobile phone with graphical user interface
6 D735,738 Television receiver display screen with graphical user interface
7 D735,705 Cellular phone
8 9,101,006 Organic electroluminescent device display and method for manufacturing the same
9 9,100,972 Method for controlling inter-cell interference in a wireless communication system that supports a plurality of component carriers, and base station apparatus for same
10 9,100,954 Method for transmitting response information in a wireless communication system, and apparatus for same
11 9,100,937 Method and apparatus of scanning channels in wireless local area network
12 9,100,932 Broadcast signal transmitting apparatus and broadcast signal transmitting method in broadcast signal transmitting apparatus
13 9,100,922 Method and terminal apparatus for transmitting a power status report in a wireless communication system
14 9,100,896 Method of updating repeatedly-transmitted information in a wireless communication system
15 9,100,884 Method and apparatus for performing handover in wireless communication system
16 9,100,870 Method for transmitting channel state information in wireless access system
17 9,100,866 Method and apparatus for transmitting reference signal for reducing intercell interference in multiple input multiple output communication system
18 9,100,781 Method and apparatus for transmitting location estimation message in wireless communication system
19 9,100,715 Apparatus and method for controlling output of protected content on a television
20 9,100,649 Method and apparatus for processing a video signal
21 9,100,648 Method and apparatus for decoding a video signal
22 9,100,633 Electronic device generating stereo sound synchronized with stereographic moving picture
23 9,100,627 Electronic device and method of controlling the same
24 9,100,621 Intra prediction in image processing
25 9,100,552 Terminal and method for outputting signal information of a signal light in the terminal
26 9,100,199 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
27 9,100,178 Method and device for transmitting extended uplink control information in wireless communication system
28 9,100,158 Method and apparatus for transmitting multiple reception confirmations in time division duplex system
29 9,100,156 Flexible allocation of control signal resources
30 9,100,151 Broadcasting signal transmitting apparatus, broadcast signal receiving apparatus, and broadcast signal transceiving method in a broadcast signal transceiving apparatus
31 9,100,149 Resource allocation method for backhaul link and access link in a wireless communication system including relay
32 9,100,144 Method for transceiving signals between a base station and a relay node in a multiuser multi-antenna wireless communication system, and apparatus for same
33 9,100,067 Method for suppressing interference of terminal in multiple input multiple output wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
34 9,100,066 Method for selecting PMI for non-adaptive HARQ operation in a MIMO wireless communication system
35 9,099,607 Solar cell
36 9,099,019 Image display device, image display system, and method for analyzing the emotional state of a user
37 9,098,735 Portable device including a fingerprint scanner and method of controlling therefor
38 9,098,480 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the mobile terminal to display bookmark icons for an e-book
39 9,098,240 Mobile terminal and control method for the mobile terminal
40 9,098,194 Keypad of mobile terminal and display method thereof
41 9,098,188 Display device and method for controlling the same
42 9,098,187 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
43 9,098,131 Input system with stylus pen having two coils and elastic member
44 9,097,927 Mobile terminal
45 9,097,903 3D display device and selective image display method thereof
46 9,097,554 Method and apparatus for displaying image of mobile communication terminal
47 9,097,451 Water tank for refrigerator and ice-making apparatus for refrigerator
48 9,097,450 Refrigerator and ice maker with optical sensor to detect ice level
49 9,097,448 Air conditioning system and method for controlling operation thereof
50 9,097,444 Heat pump type water heating apparatus
51 9,097,429 Cooking appliance and an operating method for the same
52 9,097,254 Compressor
53 9,096,970 Clothes treating apparatus
54 9,096,969 Clothes treating apparatus with moisture supply units
55 9,096,965 Apparatus for treating laundry having a ring shaped circular guide
56 9,096,446 Water purifying apparatus having cleaning system
57 9,096,048 Integrated device of peeling and mounting board assembly on backlight unit of liquid crystal display
58 9,095,167 Supercooling system for supercooling a stored liquid