LG Electronics patents granted on 04 January 2011

25 US patents granted on 04 January 2011 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D630,232 Refrigerator
2 D630,178 Mobile phone
3 D630,177 Mobile phone
4 7,865,921 Apparatus for recording/reproducing digital broadcast and method of browsing record information thereof
5 7,865,846 Display device and method for driving the same
6 7,865,483 Device management system and method for managing device management object
7 7,865,369 Method and apparatus for signal processing and encoding and decoding method, and apparatus therefor
8 7,864,849 Method for scalably encoding and decoding video signal
9 7,864,841 Method for scalably encoding and decoding video signal
10 7,864,779 Internet service synchronization method for mobile communication terminal
11 7,864,746 Method of transmitting feedback information in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)/ OFDM access (OFDMA) mobile communication system
12 7,864,726 Establishment of radio resource control connection in wireless communication system
13 7,864,722 Multicast service providing method in mobile communication system
14 7,864,719 Method of generating lower layer data block in wireless mobile communication system
15 7,864,643 Apparatus and method for testing mechanical endurance of surface of optical disc, the optical disc of same kind as the tested optical disc
16 7,863,988 Microwave signal generator
17 7,863,775 Power management and control in electronic equipment
18 7,863,711 Semiconductor wafer and method for cutting the same
19 7,863,549 Microwave range having hood
20 7,863,515 Thin-film solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
21 7,862,664 Dishwasher with adjustable basket(S)
22 7,862,636 Ceiling type air conditioner
23 7,862,313 Compressor and oil separating device therefor
24 7,861,833 Damper in a washing machine and fabricating method of the same
25 7,861,436 Laundry treating machine and method for controlling the same