LG Electronics patents granted on 04 November 2014

52 US patents granted on 04 November 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D716,852 Shelf for refrigerator
2 D716,851 Refrigerator
3 D716,850 Shelf for refrigerator
4 D716,849 Shelf for refrigerator
5 D716,848 Shelf for refrigerator
6 D716,847 Refrigerator
7 D716,830 Refrigerator with graphical user interface
8 D716,808 Head mounted display device
9 D716,807 Head mounted display device
10 D716,779 Mobile phone
11 D716,776 Television receiver
12 D716,765 Speaker for home theater
13 D716,764 Speaker
14 D716,759 Bluetooth headset
15 D716,756 Speaker
16 D716,751 Mobile phone
17 D716,749 Mobile phone
18 8,881,221 Method and an apparatus for processing a broadcast signal including an interactive broadcast service
19 8,881,199 Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
20 8,881,062 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
21 8,880,984 Digital broadcasting receiver and method for controlling the same
22 8,880,271 Robot cleaner and method for controlling the same
23 8,880,129 Mobile terminal
24 8,880,086 Method and apparatus of transmitting a white space map information in a wireless local area network system
25 8,880,078 Method of logging measurement result at handover failure in wireless communication system
26 8,880,044 Mobile terminal and method of displaying information therein
27 8,879,637 Method and an apparatus for processing a video signal by which coding efficiency of a video signal can be raised by using a mixed prediction mode in predicting different macroblock sizes
28 8,879,510 Method and device for transmitting midamble signals in wireless communication system
29 8,879,493 Method of reducing transmission power and terminal thereof
30 8,879,490 Method and apparatus for transceiving a MIMO packet in a wireless LAN system
31 8,879,485 Method and apparatus for random access in a multi-carrier wireless communication system
32 8,879,482 Method allowing ranging dependent on status of mobile station in broadband wireless access system
33 8,879,478 Random access channel preamble selection
34 8,879,474 Method and apparatus for receiving a medium access control protocol data unit having a fragmentation and packing extended header
35 8,879,469 Method for transmitting/receiving data between a relay and a base station
36 8,879,449 Method of acquiring system information in wireless communication system
37 8,879,446 Method for transmitting a common control channel, and FEMTO base station for same
38 8,879,414 Method and apparatus for transmitting data in a wireless communication system
39 8,878,899 Method for displaying 3D caption and 3D display apparatus for implementing the same
40 8,878,890 Mobile terminal
41 8,878,822 Mobile terminal and method of controlling operation of the mobile terminal
42 8,878,775 Display device and control method thereof
43 8,878,750 Head mount display device and method for controlling the same
44 8,878,451 Lighting system and method for controlling the same
45 8,878,081 Touch panel and display device having the same with second connector attached to a second side of the substrate
46 8,876,503 Scroll compressor with shaft inserting portion and manufacturing method thereof
47 8,876,497 Linear compressor
48 8,876,494 Compressor having first and second rotary member arrangement using a vane
49 8,875,695 Built-in cooking appliance
50 8,875,546 Coupling structure of steam generator in washing device
51 8,875,539 Refrigerator
52 8,875,538 Refrigerator