LG Electronics patents granted on 04 October 2011

47 US patents granted on 04 October 2011 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE42,813 Method of converting audio data for a portable device and reproducing the converted audio data
2 RE42,795 Apparatus and method for recording or reproducing digital data using speed information
3 RE42,792 Method and apparatus for compensating reproduced audio signals of an optical disc
4 RE42,791 Method and apparatus for compensating reproduced audio signals of an optical disc
5 RE42,780 Method and apparatus of composing menu for users
6 D646,308 Refrigerator
7 D646,272 External CD-ROM drive
8 D646,251 Mobile phone
9 D646,250 Cellular phone
10 D646,248 Mobile phone
11 D646,247 Mobile phone
12 D646,246 Television receiver
13 D646,245 Television receiver
14 D646,141 Dishwasher handle
15 D646,113 Oven range
16 D646,112 Oven range
17 D646,111 Oven range
18 8,032,925 Method for enabling login and establishing session for wireless communication terminal
19 8,032,647 Device management method using broadcast channel
20 8,032,411 Group advertisement method in SIP based message service
21 8,032,386 Apparatus and method of processing an audio signal
22 8,032,368 Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signals using hierarchical block swithcing and linear prediction coding
23 8,032,240 Apparatus and method of processing an audio signal
24 8,032,186 Mobile communication terminal and method of connecting call thereof
25 8,032,185 Operation mode conversion device, mobile communication terminal having the operation mode conversion device and method for converting operation mode using the same
26 8,032,178 Mobile terminal
27 8,032,177 Mobile communication device with enhanced image communication capability
28 8,032,147 Apparatus and method for supporting mobility of wireless terminal in wireless communication network
29 8,032,013 Recording medium having data structure for managing reproduction of text subtitle and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
30 8,031,863 Apparatus and method for controlling acoustic echo cancellation in mobile communication terminal
31 8,031,813 VSB receiver and carrier recovery apparatus thereof
32 8,031,801 Method of controlling signal transmission in multi-input/multi-output system
33 8,031,772 Parallel processing architecture for video decompression
34 8,031,737 Method of changing channels and configuring a sub network in a wireless network
35 8,031,724 Home network system
36 8,031,666 Method for transmitting a data packet and a method of allocating a channel in a wireless network
37 8,031,610 Apparatus and method for moving a receive window in a radio access network
38 8,031,184 Inputting information through touch input device
39 8,031,138 Plasma display panel and plasma display apparatus
40 8,031,136 Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
41 8,031,135 Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
42 8,030,846 Discharge valve assembly for linear compressor
43 8,029,081 Refrigerator
44 8,028,619 Cooking apparatus
45 8,028,548 Laundry machine with height increasing member and drainage filter servicing section
46 8,028,539 Air conditioner
47 8,028,364 Commercial washing machine and washing method of the same