LG Electronics patents granted on 05 August 2014

55 US patents granted on 05 August 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D710,406 Refrigerator basket
2 D710,405 Refrigerator shelf
3 D710,403 Refrigerator
4 8,799,960 Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
5 8,799,818 Content search method and mobile terminal having content search function
6 8,799,784 Method for displaying internet page and mobile terminal using the same
7 8,799,782 Apparatus and method for managing media content
8 8,799,740 Signal segmentation method and CRC attachment method for reducing undetected error
9 8,799,733 Packet data transmitting method and mobile communication system using the same
10 8,798,834 Movable component for a network system
11 8,798,792 Detecting apparatus of robot cleaner and controlling method of robot cleaner
12 8,798,684 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
13 8,798,674 Mobile terminal
14 8,798,672 Method of processing a call in a mobile terminal
15 8,798,635 Method for transmitting and receiving system information via a broadcast channel (BCH) and a downlink shared channel (DL.sub.–SCH)
16 8,798,621 Method and apparatus for performing idle-mode operation using mobility information
17 8,798,588 Terminal and method for providing zone-based service outside of service zone
18 8,798,538 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
19 8,798,537 Two-way communication in wireless power transfer
20 8,798,188 Method and apparatus for transmitting feedback information on a reference signal
21 8,798,168 Video telecommunication system for synthesizing a separated object with a new background picture
22 8,798,156 Method of determining motion vectors for a bi-predictive image block
23 8,798,146 Planar prediction mode
24 8,798,142 Method of removing a blocking artifact using quantization information in a filtering system
25 8,798,087 Group scheduling method, method for selectively receiving information elements according to group scheduling, and mobile communication terminal
26 8,798,070 Method of transmitting data in a wireless communication system
27 8,798,004 Method of performing handover in a broadband wireless access system
28 8,797,989 Method and apparatus for managing random access preamble set in a wireless communication system with multiple random-access priority classes
29 8,797,984 Signal transmitting and receiving method of repeater and repeater using the same
30 8,797,979 Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink control signal in wireless communication system
31 8,797,974 Method of controlling a monitoring operation of physical downlink channel in wireless communication system
32 8,797,972 Method for retransmitting packets according to decoding failures or reliability
33 8,797,963 Method for transmitting uplink signal for location-based service and user device, and method for measuring location of user device using uplink signal and base station
34 8,797,961 Apparatus and methods for transmitting and receiving MAC PDU using MAC headers
35 8,797,941 Relay node device for receiving control information from a base station and method therefor
36 8,797,935 Method of performing random access in mobile communication system and apparatus for the same
37 8,797,904 Method of monitoring control channel in wireless communication system
38 8,797,879 Method of transmitting and receiving status report in a mobile communication system
39 8,797,479 Display apparatus
40 8,797,459 Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
41 8,797,390 Image display device, 3D viewing device, and method for operating the same
42 8,797,363 Method of controlling touch panel display device and touch panel display device using the same
43 8,797,317 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
44 8,797,293 Electronic device and control method thereof
45 8,797,276 Method of controlling home appliance having touch panel and touch panel home appliance using the same
46 8,796,910 Halogen lamp comprising bulb and structure to prevent filament parts from contracting each other
47 8,796,895 Electric motor and electric vehicle having the same
48 8,796,698 Method for fabricating substrate with nano structures, light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
49 8,796,603 Appliance with a pair of connectors connected to printed circuit boards located in the cabinet and the door
50 8,796,538 Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same
51 8,794,934 Linear compressor
52 8,794,538 Hot water circulation system associated with heat pump
53 8,794,040 Fabric treating machine
54 8,794,039 Washing machine
55 8,793,893 Apparatus for treating clothes and method for controlling the same