LG Electronics patents granted on 05 February 2013

37 US patents granted on 05 February 2013 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE43,988 Apparatus and method for providing, retrieving, and using data guide information supplied in a digital vestigial sideband signal
2 D675,769 Standing lamp
3 D675,589 Mobile phone
4 8,370,871 Image signal receiver for diagnosing and editing channel, and control method thereof
5 8,370,729 Apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal and method of transmitting and receiving a signal
6 8,370,728 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
7 8,370,707 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in the digital broadcasting system
8 8,369,907 Case for portable terminal, portable terminal having the same and method for manufacturing the same
9 8,369,887 Mobile terminal using proximity sensor and method of controlling the mobile terminal
10 8,369,868 Location service based secure user plane location
11 8,369,865 Data transmission method and data re-transmission method
12 8,369,788 Method for reducing inter-cell interference
13 8,369,695 Steam generator of steam oven
14 8,369,462 DTV receiver and method of processing signal in DTV receiver
15 8,369,429 Method and apparatus for transmitting precoding matrix index in a wireless communication system using CoMP scheme
16 8,369,400 Method for scalably encoding and decoding video signal
17 8,369,378 Transmitting spread signal in communication system
18 8,369,336 Method for requesting domain transfer and terminal and server thereof
19 8,369,283 Method for reducing handover latency
20 8,369,282 Ranging by mobile station in femto system
21 8,369,235 Method of exchanging messages and transmitting and receiving devices
22 8,369,214 Apparatus and method of transmitting and receiving data in soft handoff of a wireless communication system
23 8,368,724 Display apparatus and control method thereof for saving power
24 8,368,659 Method of generating key code in coordinate recognition device and video device controller using the same
25 8,368,638 Liquid crystal display device and method for controlling back-light brightness
26 8,368,344 Refrigerator and operating method thereof
27 8,368,325 Lighting system
28 8,368,115 Method of fabricating vertical devices using a metal support film
29 8,368,087 Light emitting device having vertical structure and method for manufacturing the same
30 8,367,982 Built-in cooking appliance and installation apparatus for the same
31 8,366,415 Linear compressor
32 8,366,221 Door assembly and refrigerator having the same
33 8,365,548 Ice dispensing technology
34 8,365,438 Laundry dryer and method for controlling the same
35 8,365,437 Drum for washer and dryer
36 8,365,334 Washing machine and method of controlling a washing machine
37 8,365,333 Laundry machine and controlling method thereof