LG Electronics patents granted on 05 July 2011

19 US patents granted on 05 July 2011 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D640,999 Television
2 7,975,281 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
3 7,975,098 Recording medium with status information thereon which changes upon reformatting and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium
4 7,974,740 Integrated management system and method using setting information back-up for controlling multi-type air conditioners
5 7,974,612 Transmission of database records between mobile communication terminals
6 7,974,609 Mobile communication terminal having function of displaying communication state and method thereof
7 7,974,516 Recording medium having data structure of playlist marks for managing reproduction of still images recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
8 7,974,465 Method for dominant color setting of video region and data structure and method of confidence measure extraction
9 7,974,310 Apparatus and method for constructing a data unit that includes a buffer status report
10 7,974,287 Method and apparatus for processing an audio signal
11 7,973,821 Method for controlling masking block in monitoring camera
12 7,973,780 Electromagnetic interference prevention apparatus for flat panel display
13 7,973,764 Switching between input modes in a limited input device
14 7,973,510 Apparatus for controlling inverter
15 7,973,261 Cooling structure for plasma lighting system
16 7,971,777 Clothes treating apparatus
17 7,971,456 Tub assembly and washing machine including the same
18 7,971,448 Air conditioner
19 7,971,301 Washing machine and the control method of the same