LG Electronics patents granted on 05 June 2012

41 US patents granted on 05 June 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE43,447 Method of application menu selection and activation using image cognition
2 D661,340 Glasses for 3D images
3 D661,335 Glasses for 3D images
4 D661,277 Mobile phone
5 D661,272 Television receiver
6 D661,271 Television receiver
7 D661,270 Television receiver
8 D661,269 Television receiver
9 8,196,159 Terminal and method of controlling broadcasting therein
10 8,196,158 Method for measuring audience to broadcast service and content at terminal
11 8,196,020 Method of matching codeword size and transmitter therefor in mobile communications system
12 8,195,782 Apparatus and method for receiving and reproducing multimedia entertainment content
13 8,195,318 Method and an apparatus for processing an audio signal
14 8,195,314 Method of reproducing previous audio file in multimedia device and multimedia device using the same
15 8,195,252 Input device for mobile terminal using scroll key
16 8,195,243 Transparent display and operation method thereof
17 8,195,220 User interface for mobile devices
18 8,195,176 Method for informing user equipment of downlink control message construction information in cellular system
19 8,195,026 Recording medium containing supplementary service information for Audio/Video contents, and method and apparatus of providing supplementary service information of the recording medium
20 8,194,897 Speaker system
21 8,194,784 DTV transmitter and method of coding data in DTV transmitter
22 8,194,778 Method for transmitting data in multiple antenna system
23 8,194,754 Method for processing a signal and apparatus for processing a signal
24 8,194,621 Method of allocating uplink transmission channels in a communication system
25 8,194,613 Method of transmitting protocol message for media independent handover in wireless access system
26 8,194,601 Method for transmitting and receiving signals using multi-band radio frequencies
27 8,194,579 Method of transmitting and receiving point-to-multipoint service in mobile communication system
28 8,194,559 Method of controlling data retransmission in a wireless communication system
29 8,194,558 Method of estimating signal-to-noise ratio, method of adjusting feedback information transmission, adaptive modulation and coding method using the same, and transceiver thereof
30 8,194,127 Method and apparatus for masking surveillance video images for privacy protection
31 8,194,115 Mobile communication terminal and method for converting mode of multiparty video call thereof
32 8,194,043 Mobile communication terminal having multiple displays and a data processing method thereof
33 8,193,706 Plasma display device and multi plasma display device
34 8,193,672 Interior permanent magnet type brushless direct current motor
35 8,193,666 Motor and compressor technology
36 8,192,253 Finishing apparatus
37 8,191,389 A washing machine
38 8,191,388 Drying duct assembly and washing machine having the same
39 8,191,382 Refrigerator having a switching compartment and controlling method for the same
40 8,191,381 Outdoor unit of air-conditioner and fan used therefor
41 8,191,378 Dispenser related technology