LG Electronics patents granted on 05 November 2013

35 US patents granted on 05 November 2013 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D692,938 Security camera
2 D692,929 Refrigerator
3 D692,846 Mobile phone
4 D692,845 Mobile phone
5 8,578,291 Method for setting image in terminal and terminal using the same
6 8,578,257 Method for determining transport block size and signal transmission method using the same
7 8,577,988 Content device and control method thereof
8 8,577,686 Method and apparatus for decoding an audio signal
9 8,577,485 Method and an apparatus for processing an audio signal
10 8,577,483 Method for decoding an audio signal
11 8,577,413 Mobile terminal and method of operating the same, and identify module card
12 8,577,409 Mobile terminal and broadcast controlling method thereof
13 8,577,384 Method for transmitting and receiving system information via a broadcast channel (BCH) and a downlink shared channel (DL.sub.–SCH)
14 8,577,383 Method for transmitting and receiving system information via a broadcast channel (BCH) and a downlink shared channel (DL.sub.–SCH)
15 8,577,285 Relay frame structure for supporting transparent and bidirectional relays
16 8,577,092 Multimedia device, multiple image sensors having different types and method for controlling the same
17 8,576,920 Method and apparatus for decoding/encoding a video signal
18 8,576,900 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving signal from relay station in radio communication system
19 8,576,792 Method for processing and transmitting data packet
20 8,576,789 Method and apparatus for allocating ranging channel for synchronized mobile station in wireless communication system
21 8,576,788 Method for performing carrier management procedure in a multi-carrier supported wideband wireless communication system and apparatus for the same
22 8,576,780 Random access response processing
23 8,576,777 Method for transmitting subframe grouping information and decoding subframe grouped frames
24 8,576,741 Method for transitioning between multiple reception levels
25 8,576,181 Mobile terminal using proximity touch and wallpaper controlling method thereof
26 8,576,178 Mobile communication terminal having touch screen and method of controlling display thereof
27 8,575,892 Charging apparatus for moving robot and method thereof
28 8,575,890 Mobile terminal having recharge menu setting function and inter-recharging method using the same
29 8,573,955 Scroll compressor with noise reducing discharge opening
30 8,573,954 Fan assembly
31 8,573,719 Refrigerator door having a tube guide for supporting a water supply tube
32 8,573,001 Apparatus for operating dispenser in refrigerator
33 8,572,999 Refrigerator
34 8,572,990 Supercooling apparatus
35 8,572,989 Avatar Kimchi refrigerator