LG Electronics patents granted on 06 March 2012

23 US patents granted on 06 March 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D655,321 Refrigerator
2 D655,275 Audio system
3 D655,271 Home theater receiver
4 D655,269 Mobile phone
5 D655,128 Gas oven range
6 8,132,213 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
7 8,132,175 Mobile telecommunication handset capable of implementing multitasking and method for implementing multitasking in a mobile telecommunication handset
8 8,131,297 Method for acquiring information for media independent handover
9 8,131,275 Broadcasting terminal and method of controlling vibration of a mobile terminal
10 8,131,273 Method for transmitting and receiving a MBMS service in mobile communication system
11 8,131,227 Method of transceiving driver software over the air and apparatus using the same
12 8,130,863 Sequence generating method for efficient detection and method for transmitting and receiving signals using the same
13 8,130,842 Method of decoding a macroblock based on a macroblock level of the macroblock
14 8,130,833 VSB transmission system for processing supplemental transmission data
15 8,130,819 Encoding uplink acknowledgments to downlink transmissions
16 8,130,815 Method for generating a reference signal sequence using grouping
17 8,130,711 Method for allocating pilots
18 8,130,698 Changing an operation state and recovering a network of a WLAN device
19 8,130,694 Method for controlling transmission power of HS-SCCH in UMTS system
20 8,130,606 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding data, and method and apparatus for recording/reproducing data
21 8,129,744 Light emitting device
22 8,127,830 Air conditioner
23 8,127,576 Laundry machine