LG Electronics patents granted on 06 May 2008

23 US patents granted on 06 May 2008 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D568,280 Cellular phone
2 D568,274 DVD player
3 D568,273 DVD player
4 7,369,866 Message processing for communication terminal
5 7,369,857 Processing transport format information to prevent MAC header redundancy
6 7,369,832 Receiving diversity apparatus and method of mobile station for high data rate type mobile communication system
7 7,369,755 System and method for synchronizing video indexing between audio/video signal and data
8 7,369,751 System and method for recording broadcasting programs
9 7,369,519 Method for determining threshold value for on/off controlling output power of mobile communication terminal
10 7,369,501 Apparatus and method for controlling reverse-link data transmission rate during handoff
11 7,369,486 Apparatus and method for increasing channel capacity of a mobile communication system
12 7,369,414 Rotatable hinge mechanism with enclosure for housing flexible printed circuit
13 7,369,407 Flat display device and cooling apparatus for the same
14 7,369,203 Liquid crystal display
15 7,369,175 Angle control device for camera in a mobile communication terminal
16 7,369,105 Spacer discharging apparatus and method of field emission display
17 7,368,688 Apparatus and method for sensing load of electric cooker
18 7,368,685 Oven and heating unit of oven
19 7,368,684 Cooking device
20 7,368,683 Convection chamber of cooking device
21 7,367,790 Double-acting type orbiting vane compressor
22 7,367,784 Oil supply device for compressor in refrigerating system
23 7,367,080 Upright vacuum cleaner with movement control grip