LG Electronics patents granted on 06 November 2007

13 US patents granted on 06 November 2007 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 7,293,189 Method and device for reproducing additional data in synchronization with main data using time information
2 7,292,935 Apparatus and method for guiding location of the other party in navigation system
3 7,292,511 Method for reproducing audio file
4 7,292,507 Play control method in digital versatile disc player
5 7,292,221 Apparatus and method for controlling inverter pulse width modulation frequency in LCD in portable computer
6 7,291,978 Plasma display panel and method for manufacturing the same
7 7,291,977 Organic electroluminescence display panel and method for sealing the same
8 7,291,975 Mask for organic electro-luminescence device and method of fabricating the same
9 7,291,820 Compact microwave oven with curved cooking chamber and convection part
10 7,291,819 Heating apparatus using electromagnetic wave
11 7,291,050 Method of forming dielectric on an upper substrate of a plasma display panel
12 7,290,884 Display device having resolution improving apparatus for project-type display device
13 7,290,413 Washing machine having transient vibration sensor assembly