LG Electronics patents granted on 06 November 2012

53 US patents granted on 06 November 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D670,467 Vacuum cleaner
2 D670,458 Combined vacuum cleaner and charger
3 D670,322 Projector
4 D670,289 Electronic pen
5 8,307,457 Method and terminal for receiving rights object for content on behalf of memory card
6 8,307,400 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
7 8,307,399 Method of providing key frames of video in mobile terminal
8 8,307,397 Video apparatus and method for controlling the same
9 8,307,393 Method of processing non-real time service and broadcast receiver
10 8,307,376 Auxiliary output device, portable computer having the same, and method for switching operating systems of the same
11 8,307,256 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
12 8,307,252 Method and apparatus for performing random access procedures
13 8,307,229 Method of measuring power consumption of electric appliance
14 8,306,662 Position detection device for mobile robot and robot cleaner including the same
15 8,306,585 Slide type mobile terminal with tiltable slide module
16 8,306,576 Mobile terminal capable of providing haptic effect and method of controlling the mobile terminal
17 8,306,546 Method and apparatus for providing machine-type communication service in wireless communication system
18 8,306,538 Apparatus and method of performing measurements logging in wireless communication system
19 8,306,524 Mobile terminal with camera clock frequency control
20 8,306,515 Mobile terminal capable of providing weather information and method of controlling the mobile terminal
21 8,306,500 Mobile terminal
22 8,306,404 Mobile communication terminal and operation control method thereof
23 8,306,117 Method for modeling coding information of video signal for compressing/decompressing coding information
24 8,306,061 Method for retransmitting data unit using delivery status information
25 8,305,995 Apparatus and method for controlling reverse-link data transmission rate during handoff
26 8,305,989 Method for allocating pilots
27 8,305,988 Method for scheduling distributed virtual resource blocks
28 8,305,985 Method of allocating uplink radio resource
29 8,305,981 Band adaptive modulation and coding method sharing resources with neighbouring base stations and mobile station supporting the same
30 8,305,978 Adaptive resource allocation method in a wireless communication system and transceiver for implementing the same
31 8,305,970 Method of transmitting a measurement report in a wireless mobile communications system
32 8,305,964 Signaling for preamble used for random access
33 8,305,952 Method of controlling feedback channel in communication system comprising at least one relay station
34 8,305,944 Method for transmitting control information
35 8,305,873 Method and apparatus for transmitting sequence in wireless communication system
36 8,305,512 Display apparatus
37 8,305,402 Plasma display device
38 8,305,379 Method for managing animation chunk data and its attribute information for use in an interactive disc
39 8,305,299 Plasma display device
40 8,305,298 Plasma display apparatus and method of driving
41 8,305,031 Mobile terminal and method for controlling charging thereof
42 8,305,023 System and method for driving a drawer of a refrigerator
43 8,304,992 Plasma display panel including a black layer
44 8,304,702 Cooking apparatus
45 8,303,718 Sterilizable washing machine using ultraviolet radiation and sterilizable washing method in the same
46 8,303,273 Linear compressor
47 8,303,137 Lighting apparatus
48 8,303,058 Refrigerator with TV and radio function
49 8,302,434 Drum-type washing machine
50 8,302,424 Refrigerator
51 8,302,423 Ice-making device for refrigerator and refrigerator having the same
52 8,302,252 Dust separating apparatus of vacuum cleaner
53 8,302,232 Washing machine and method of controlling a washing machine