LG Electronics patents granted on 06 October 2009

31 US patents granted on 06 October 2009 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D601,608 Projector
2 D601,532 Mobile phone
3 7,600,196 Method for sorting and displaying symbols in a mobile communication terminal
4 7,599,984 Method of exchanging user messages among interactive disk players
5 7,599,958 Data storing and searching method of a portable player
6 7,599,955 User preference information structure having multiple hierarchical structure and method for providing multimedia information using the same
7 7,599,709 Case for a hand held device
8 7,599,684 Automatic setting method for terminal information using subscriber identity module
9 7,599,611 Recording medium, and method and apparatus of reproducing data recorded on the same
10 7,599,609 Method for recording service data depending on service type in digital TV complex machine
11 7,599,602 Method and apparatus for reproducing data using management data
12 7,599,571 Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
13 7,599,440 Downlink control channel allocation method in mobile communication system
14 7,599,348 Digital E8-VSB reception system and E8-VSB data demultiplexing method
15 7,599,279 High-density optical disc, method for recording and reproducing encrypted data thereon
16 7,599,274 Recording medium with intermittent or alternate wobbled pits and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium
17 7,599,273 Recording medium, method of configuring control information thereof, recording and/or reproducing method using the same, and apparatus thereof
18 7,599,269 Method for real time recording/playback of data to/from an optical recording medium and method for managing files thereof
19 7,599,266 Multi-layered recording medium, and method and apparatus for recording data
20 7,599,137 Optical pick-up actuator
21 7,598,938 Cooling apparatus of plasma display panel and method for stabilizing plasma display panel
22 7,598,935 Light emitting device with cross-talk preventing circuit and method of driving the same
23 7,598,934 Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
24 7,598,932 Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
25 7,598,931 Scan driving control of a plasma display according to a predetermined data pattern
26 7,598,930 Apparatus for driving plasma display panel
27 7,598,885 Control panel of a laundry processing machine
28 7,597,547 Variable capacity rotary compressor
29 7,596,973 Structure of driving unit in drum type washing machine
30 7,596,960 Indoor unit in air conditioner
31 7,596,824 Drum type washing machine and controlling method thereof