LG Electronics patents granted on 07 April 2009

27 US patents granted on 07 April 2009 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D589,960 Display
2 D589,935 Speaker
3 7,516,273 Write-once optical disc and method for recording management information thereon
4 7,516,187 Remote control system for home appliance network and method for operating the same
5 7,515,947 Folder type mobile terminal
6 7,515,928 Cell selecting apparatus in mobile communication terminal and method thereof
7 7,515,923 Method of performing power control in a mobile communication system
8 7,515,811 Method of maintaining edit summary information on a rewritable storage medium
9 7,515,653 Digital broadcasting receiver, driving method thereof, and self-diagnosis method thereof
10 7,515,649 Signal transmitting method in mobile communication system
11 7,515,616 Packet transmission scheduling technique
12 7,515,602 Integrated web browsing service apparatus and method thereof
13 7,515,524 High density disk recording medium and apparatus using the same
14 7,515,516 Record medium, method of recording identification information thereof, and recording/reproducing method thereof
15 7,515,403 Flat panel display device and frame for the same
16 7,515,142 Scrolling method and mobile communication terminal using the same
17 7,515,120 Apparatus for removing load effect in plasma display panel
18 7,515,119 Method and apparatus for calculating an average picture level and plasma display using the same
19 7,515,117 Driving method for plasma display panel
20 7,514,870 Plasma display panel having first and second electrode groups
21 7,514,658 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in microwave oven
22 7,513,760 Oil pump of scroll compressor
23 7,513,753 Variable capacity scroll compressor
24 7,513,131 Lid assembly for washing machine
25 7,513,125 Method for controlling air conditioner
26 7,513,124 Unitary air conditioner
27 7,513,123 Unitary air conditioner and method of controlling variable operation thereof