LG Electronics patents granted on 07 August 2012

30 US patents granted on 07 August 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 8,239,906 IPTV receiver and a method of managing video functionality and video quality on a screen in the IPTV receiver
2 8,239,853 Method of displaying attachment file list in mobile communication terminal, method of downloading and uploading attachment file using e-mail protocol, and mobile communication terminal for performing the same
3 8,239,741 Transmitting/receiving system and method of processing data in the transmitting/receiving system
4 8,239,384 Apparatus for automatically searching information and method thereof
5 8,239,209 Method and apparatus for decoding an audio signal using a rendering parameter
6 8,238,561 Method for encoding and decoding multi-channel audio signal and apparatus thereof
7 8,238,560 Dialogue enhancements techniques
8 8,238,449 Apparatus for removing a blocking phenomenon in a first block using properties of second and third blocks adjacent the first block
9 8,238,448 Apparatus for performing loop-filtering on sets of four successive pixels of an image
10 8,238,447 Method of removing a blocking phenomenon
11 8,238,430 Apparatus for removing a blocking phenomenon in a block based on prioritized factors
12 8,238,422 Method of removing a blocking phenomenon using properties of two blocks
13 8,238,418 Apparatus for removing blocking artifact by filtering pixels in a horizontal and then vertical direction
14 8,238,417 Apparatus for filtering a pixel of an image using a weighted filtering coefficient
15 8,238,371 Method for operating enhanced RLC entity and RNC entity for WCDMA and system thereof
16 8,238,342 Data transmission method for HSDPA
17 8,238,308 Method of communicating in wireless network
18 8,238,302 Method of determining a size of a data packet advantageous for transmitting and restransmitting the data packet
19 8,238,300 Method of communication using frame
20 8,238,271 Radio measurement procedure in wireless communication system
21 8,238,089 Portable terminal, display module thereof, and method for fabricating the display module
22 8,236,585 Method of making diode having reflective layer
23 8,235,672 Fan
24 8,235,480 Door hinge assembly for refrigerator and method of assembling the same
25 8,234,890 Drum-type washing machine
26 8,234,889 Laundry machine
27 8,234,888 Washing machine
28 8,234,887 Washing machine having steam generator
29 8,234,880 Ice-making device for refrigerator
30 8,234,879 Method for controlling motor of air conditioner and motor controller of the same