LG Electronics patents granted on 07 July 2009

30 US patents granted on 07 July 2009 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D595,908 Washing machine
2 7,558,977 Device and method for power management in a display device
3 7,558,888 Enhanced access to hidden data storage
4 7,558,605 Periodic ranging in a wireless access system for mobile station in sleep mode
5 7,558,600 Mobile communication terminal and method of control through pattern recognition
6 7,558,544 Method of executing scanning in broadband wireless access system
7 7,558,467 Recording medium and method and apparatus for reproducing and recording text subtitle streams
8 7,558,457 Combined illumination and ventilation duct
9 7,558,359 System and method for adaptive multi-rate (AMR) vocoder rate adaptation
10 7,558,341 Carrier recovery apparatus and digital broadcast receiver using the same
11 7,558,340 VSB receiver and carrier recovery apparatus thereof
12 7,558,321 Method of deriving a motion vector of a bi-predictive block based on a list 1 motion vector of a co-located block in a reference picture
13 7,558,247 Optimized radio bearer configuration for voice over IP
14 7,558,230 Method for controlling power of HS-SCCH in mobile communication system
15 7,558,228 Transmission of control information according to grouping of services in a mobile communication system
16 7,558,175 Recording medium with a linking area thereon and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium
17 7,558,164 Optical pick-up actuator
18 7,558,163 Defect area management system and method for optical storage medium
19 7,557,777 Method and apparatus for adjusting gain for each position of plasma display panel
20 7,557,486 Dual rotor type motor
21 7,556,661 Dust collection unit and vacuum cleaner with same
22 7,556,050 Self-drainage preventing structure of dish washer
23 7,556,033 Door opening and closing system in electric oven
24 7,555,923 Detergent-supply system and washing machine using the same
25 7,555,915 Air conditioner
26 7,555,913 Method for controlling multiple compressors according to a matrix
27 7,555,910 Refrigerator
28 7,555,814 Cleaner having cloth holder
29 7,555,813 Vacuum cleaner and dust collection unit thereof
30 7,555,798 Washer and washing cycle control method thereof