LG Electronics patents granted on 07 June 2011

20 US patents granted on 07 June 2011 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE42,441 Apparatus and method for an additional contents display of an optical disc player
2 D639,307 DVD player
3 D639,263 Cellular phone
4 D639,257 LCD television receiver
5 D639,256 LCD television receiver
6 7,958,538 Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
7 7,958,375 Recording medium, apparatus for decrypting data and method thereof
8 7,958,099 Unified management method of various types of messages of a personal information terminal
9 7,957,770 Mobile communication terminal for providing tactile interface
10 7,957,761 Method of communicating neighbor base station information
11 7,957,329 Method of performing hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) in wireless communication system
12 7,957,298 Method for detecting failures of random access procedures
13 7,957,237 Recording medium and method and apparatus for recording data
14 7,956,954 Optical sheet, backlight unit, and liquid crystal display
15 7,956,505 Rotor of electric motor for simplifying manufacturing process and electric motor having the same
16 7,956,501 Motor and washing machine using the same
17 7,956,364 Thin film light emitting diode
18 7,956,309 Cooking apparatus
19 7,954,738 Ice dispenser
20 7,954,344 Steam generator and washing machine therewith