LG Electronics patents granted on 07 October 2014

54 US patents granted on 07 October 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D714,824 Wireless kit for home theater
2 D714,768 Mobile phone
3 D714,763 Speaker
4 D714,760 Speaker for home theater
5 D714,759 Speaker for home theater
6 D714,758 Stand with speaker for television receiver
7 D714,757 Stand with speaker for television receiver
8 D714,753 Gateway terminal
9 D714,752 Mobile phone
10 D714,751 Cellular phone
11 D714,748 Television receiver
12 8,856,950 Mobile terminal and method of managing information therein including first operating system acting in first mode and second operating system acting in second mode
13 8,856,832 Display apparatus and method for controlling the display apparatus
14 8,856,692 Method for modifying images using three-dimensional gestures and an apparatus using the same
15 8,856,689 Editing of data using mobile communication terminal
16 8,856,680 Mobile communication terminal and method for controlling a background task
17 8,856,678 Using touch input to select, shrink, and fold displayed content
18 8,856,606 Method for specifying transport block to codeword mapping and downlink signal transmission method using the same
19 8,855,696 Method and apparatus for data transmission based on multiple cell collaboration
20 8,855,639 Method of allocating CID for fast handover
21 8,855,245 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving signals based on dual compressive sensing in wireless communication system
22 8,855,200 Method and apparatus for decoding/encoding a video signal with inter-view reference picture list construction
23 8,855,140 Method and apparatus for configuring minimum guaranteed bit rate in wireless communication system
24 8,855,098 Transmitting/receiving system and method of processing data in the transmitting/receiving system
25 8,855,092 Direct link setup method in tunneled direct link setup wireless network and station supporting the method
26 8,855,091 Method for determining ISR deactivation in mobile communications system
27 8,855,076 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in wireless communication system
28 8,855,073 Method and apparatus for performing contention-based uplink transmission in a wireless communication system
29 8,855,072 Relay backhaul resource allocation
30 8,855,056 Method for processing degradation of radio link quality in a wireless communication system supporting relays
31 8,855,055 Method for receiving information on peripheral legacy base station in terminal of legacy support mode
32 8,855,052 Attention commands enhancement
33 8,855,049 Mobile switching centre server
34 8,855,034 Method of allocating paging carrier and mobile station
35 8,855,027 Method for transmitting control information and apparatus therefor
36 8,854,925 Smart watch and control method for the same
37 8,854,428 Method for processing three dimensional (3D) video signal and digital broadcast receiver for performing the method
38 8,854,332 Foldable display device providing adaptive touch sensitive area and method for controlling the same
39 8,854,315 Display device having two touch screens and a method of controlling the same
40 8,854,306 Mobile terminal
41 8,854,303 Display device and control method thereof
42 8,854,204 Home appliance
43 8,852,708 Vacuum insulation member, refrigerator having vacuum insulation member, and method for fabricating vacuum insulation member
44 8,852,002 Method of providing game application and image display device using the same
45 8,851,695 Display apparatus
46 8,851,589 Refrigerator includes an auxiliary shelf folded by contacting a shelf guide on a back surface of a second door
47 8,851,584 Refrigerator
48 8,850,855 Composite laundry treating apparatus with main and sub cabinets
49 8,850,847 Air conditioner
50 8,850,844 Cool air supply structure of storage receptacle for refrigerator
51 8,850,843 Refrigerator
52 8,850,842 Refrigerator
53 8,850,841 Refrigerator
54 8,850,837 Heat pump type speed heating apparatus