LG Electronics patents granted on 08 May 2012

34 US patents granted on 08 May 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE43,376 Apparatus for restoring network information for home network system and method thereof
2 RE43,356 System for determining position of mobile communication terminal and method thereof
3 D659,313 Vacuum cleaner
4 D659,312 Vacuum cleaner
5 D659,123 Remote control
6 D659,120 Home theater speaker
7 D659,112 Receiver for home theater
8 8,176,424 Encoding method and apparatus and decoding method and apparatus
9 8,176,375 DTV transmitter and method of coding data in DTV transmitter
10 8,176,343 Method for providing information for power management of devices on a network
11 8,175,652 Terminal and method of controlling the same
12 8,175,640 Mobile terminal and method of generating content therein
13 8,175,597 Session update using management of capability of terminal
14 8,175,595 Scanning neighboring base stations in wireless access system
15 8,175,295 Method and an apparatus for processing an audio signal
16 8,175,196 Channel equalizer and method of processing broadcast signal in receiving system
17 8,175,193 Apparatus for recovering carrier wave in digital broadcasting receiver and method therefor
18 8,175,184 Method for transmitting beam forming information and a method for tracking position of a mobile station in multi input multi output system using codebook-based beam forming scheme
19 8,175,182 Method for transmitting data using phase shift based precoding and transceiver supporting the same
20 8,175,177 Peak to average power ratio reduction
21 8,175,166 Method of decoding a macroblock based on a macroblock level of the macroblock
22 8,175,065 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in the digital broadcasting system
23 8,175,052 Method for transmitting response information in mobile communications system
24 8,175,047 Data transmission method in wireless mesh network and A-MSDU format
25 8,174,973 Procedure for wireless network management and station supporting the procedure
26 8,174,957 Method for allocating reference signals in MIMO system
27 8,174,625 DTV transmitter and method of coding data in DTV transmitter
28 8,174,506 Method of displaying object and terminal capable of implementing the same
29 8,174,496 Mobile communication terminal with touch screen and information inputing method using the same
30 8,174,232 Solar charging apparatus and method for a mobile communication terminal
31 8,174,162 Motor and washing machine using the same
32 8,171,841 Detachable connecting rod and compressor having the same
33 8,171,759 Laundry treating apparatus
34 8,171,756 Steam generator of drum washing machine