LG Electronics patents granted on 08 September 2015

69 US patents granted on 08 September 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE45,668 Digital television transmitter/receiver and method of processing data in digital television transmitter/receiver
2 D738,582 Electric washing machine
3 D738,420 Camera
4 D738,393 Television receiver with a graphical user interface
5 D738,370 Tablet PC
6 D738,363 Mobile phone
7 D738,362 Mobile phone
8 D738,359 Stand for TV receiver
9 D738,351 Home theater speaker
10 D738,344 Cellular phone
11 D738,340 Television receiver
12 D738,339 Television receiver
13 D738,336 Television receiver
14 D738,333 Television receiver
15 9,131,601 Mobile terminal
16 9,131,499 Method for signaling a subframe pattern for preventing inter-cell interference from occurring in heterogeneous network system and apparatus for the same
17 9,131,494 Method for backhaul subframe setting between a base station and a relay node in a wireless communication system and a device therefor
18 9,131,493 Method for performing random access procedure in wireless communication system
19 9,131,491 Apparatus for transmitting control information in a wireless communication system and method thereof
20 9,131,483 Method and apparatus for transreceiving data in medical body area network
21 9,131,474 Dedicated signature allocation and choice
22 9,131,470 Resource allocation in a coexistence system
23 9,131,451 Method for controlling transmission power, and apparatus for same
24 9,131,450 Method for controlling uplink transmission power for transmitting a plurality of codewords in a wireless communication system that supports a plurality of antennas, and apparatus for performing the method
25 9,131,430 Apparatus and method for dynamically allocating radio resource
26 9,131,424 Method and apparatus for releasing user equipment context in wireless communication system
27 9,131,406 Method and apparatus for reporting short stay in wireless communication system
28 9,131,405 Method of transmitting and receiving channel status information on multi-cell operation in a wireless communication system and apparatus for the same
29 9,131,384 Method and apparatus for notifying a node in a multi-node system
30 9,131,363 Carrier aggregation management and related device and system
31 9,131,354 Method for updating terminal group identifier in machine-to-machine communication
32 9,131,348 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
33 9,131,274 Method for transceiving media files and device for transmitting/receiving using same
34 9,131,268 Display device, display method, and multimedia transmission method
35 9,131,264 Method and apparatus for processing digital service signals
36 9,131,262 Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
37 9,131,188 Image display device and controlling method thereof
38 9,131,042 Method for handling CS calls in voice call continuity, VCC application server and translation entity
39 9,131,003 Method of transmitting data in a wireless communication system
40 9,130,946 Display apparatus and method of executing and installing application thereof
41 9,130,893 Mobile terminal and method for displaying message thereof
42 9,130,809 Apparatus and method for transmitting data using a plurality of carriers
43 9,130,723 Method and device for acquiring resource for uplink control channel in wireless communication system
44 9,130,722 Method of transmitting feedback message in wireless communication system
45 9,130,721 Method for transmitting and receiving system information via a broadcast channel (BCH) and a downlink shared channel (DL.sub.–SCH)
46 9,130,720 Method and device for setting backhaul link subframe in wireless communication system having carrier aggregation technique applied thereto
47 9,130,717 Method for transmitting an uplink signal in a wireless communication system, and apparatus for same
48 9,130,112 Method for manufacturing solar cell and dopant layer thereof
49 9,130,078 Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same
50 9,129,763 Mobile terminal
51 9,129,241 Component for a network system
52 9,129,011 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
53 9,128,685 Mobile terminal
54 9,128,606 Mobile terminal and screen partitioning method thereof
55 9,128,599 Mobile terminal and image converting method thereof
56 9,128,544 Mobile terminal and control method slidably displaying multiple menu screens
57 9,128,527 Mobile terminal and touch recognizing method therein
58 9,128,524 Method for delivering user input, and device using same
59 9,127,880 Refrigerator vegetable room with variable pressure
60 9,127,879 Refrigerator having door opening unit
61 9,127,865 Air conditioning system including a bypass pipe
62 9,127,850 Air conditioner using photovoltaic energy
63 9,127,849 Cooking appliance
64 9,127,397 Washing machine having suspension mounted motor
65 9,127,396 Washing machine having a friction suspension
66 9,127,395 Washing machine
67 9,127,388 Method for controlling laundry treating apparatus
68 9,125,539 Robot cleaner and controlling method of the same
69 9,125,534 Vacuum cleaner