LG Electronics patents granted on 09 August 2011

38 US patents granted on 09 August 2011 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 7,996,451 System, method, and multi-level object data structure thereof for browsing multimedia data
2 7,996,448 Recording medium, and method and apparatus for reproducing data from the recording medium
3 7,996,216 Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signal
4 7,996,050 Input device for an electronic device and electronic device having the same
5 7,996,042 Mobile communication terminal and method for providing call-forwarding information
6 7,996,029 Method of allocating radio resources in a wireless communication system
7 7,995,902 Apparatus and method for simultaneously providing a plurality of time shifting functions
8 7,995,900 Method of presenting auxiliary data for an interactive recording medium
9 7,995,669 DTV receiver and method of processing broadcast signal in DTV receiver
10 7,995,664 Method and apparatus for transmitting pilot symbols in wireless communication system
11 7,995,617 DTV transmitting system and method of processing data in DTV transmitting system
12 7,995,613 Communication system with improved medium access control sub-layer
13 7,995,553 Method for transmitting control signal using efficient multiplexing
14 7,995,517 System and method for transmitting units of messages in a mobile communication system
15 7,995,512 Method of transmitting data in cellular networks using cooperative relaying
16 7,995,511 Broadcasting receiver and broadcast signal processing method
17 7,995,435 Method and apparatus for recording data on optical disc
18 7,995,061 Displaying of item through electronic apparatus
19 7,995,005 Method and apparatus for driving plasma display panel
20 7,993,723 Vacuum insulation panel and insulation structure of refrigerator applying the same
21 7,993,158 Refrigerator with a connector protection function
22 7,992,951 Door opening and closing device for refrigerator
23 7,992,407 Refrigerator having ice bank
24 7,992,403 Air conditioning system using ground heat
25 7,992,320 Clogging detection method for dryer
26 7,992,257 Mounting structure of a door-handle for refrigerator
27 7,992,253 Vacuum cleaner
28 7,992,252 Vacuum cleaner
29 7,992,251 Robot and method for controlling the robot
30 D643,165 Clothes dryer
31 D643,018 Speaker for home theater
32 D643,017 Speaker for home theater
33 D643,016 Speaker for home theater
34 D643,015 Speaker for home theater
35 D643,009 Mobile phone
36 D643,003 LED television receiver
37 D643,002 LCD television receiver
38 D643,000 Television receiver