LG Electronics patents granted on 09 July 2013

50 US patents granted on 09 July 2013 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE44,351 Method of generating code sequence and method of transmitting signal using the same
2 8,484,689 IPTV receiver and method of discovering an IPTV service
3 8,484,683 Information descriptor and extended information descriptor data structures for digital television signals
4 8,484,681 Image display apparatus and method for operating the image display apparatus
5 8,484,678 Image display apparatus and operating method therefore for updating thumbnail images in a thumbnail list
6 8,484,323 Network system connected with multiple master devices and method for operating the same
7 8,483,770 Mobile terminal and method for providing user interface thereof
8 8,483,768 Mobile terminal and method of displaying information therein
9 8,483,766 Folder type mobile telephone and operating method thereof
10 8,483,742 Method and apparatus for controlling uplink power in a wireless communication system
11 8,483,723 Method of location update in a wireless communication system
12 8,483,709 Location update method and mobile station using the same
13 8,483,708 Mobile terminal and corresponding method for transmitting new position information to counterpart terminal
14 8,483,697 Resources management in dual services terminal
15 8,483,684 Method and apparatus for processing changes in a CSG subscription in a wireless communication system
16 8,483,411 Method and an apparatus for processing a signal
17 8,483,410 Apparatus and method for inputting a command, method for displaying user interface of media signal, and apparatus for implementing the same, apparatus for processing mix signal and method thereof
18 8,483,326 Apparatus and method for receiving signals in multi-carrier multiple access systems
19 8,483,273 Method and apparatus for decoding/encoding a video signal
20 8,483,257 Method for transmitting data using frequency hopping scheme and method for determining a sub-band for the frequency hopping
21 8,483,242 Method and apparatus for processing inter-rat measurement in dual modem device
22 8,483,199 Method for transmitting and receiving broadcasting channels
23 8,483,171 Method of allocating channel time, method of determining compatible links, and apparatus for processing data
24 8,483,165 Method and apparatus for transmitting a reference signal in a wireless communication system
25 8,483,162 Method and device for allocating identifiers to user equipment in cellular system
26 8,483,161 System information transmission method and subframe structure
27 8,483,151 Method of emergency service request using control channel
28 8,483,150 Method and apparatus of transmitting uplink control signal in wireless communication system
29 8,483,146 Method for performing efficient BSR procedure using SPS resource
30 8,483,137 Method for transmitting signal using a frame of a predetermined cyclic prefix length in a wireless communication system
31 8,483,136 Apparatus and method for transmitting a MAC PDU based on MAC header type information
32 8,483,127 Method for constructing data format in mobile communication and terminal thereof
33 8,483,118 Method for transmitting a signal using a relay station in a wireless communication system
34 8,483,107 Method and apparatus for acquiring resource allocation of control channel
35 8,483,090 Method of selectively applying a PDCP function in wireless communication system
36 8,483,062 Apparatus and method for flow control in wireless communication system
37 8,483,037 Method of searching code sequence in mobile communication system
38 8,483,036 Method of searching code sequence in mobile communication system
39 8,482,696 Display apparatus
40 8,482,691 Display apparatus having a minimized non-display region
41 8,482,577 Method for controlling output of display unit and system enabling of the method
42 8,482,532 Mobile communication terminal having proximity sensor and display controlling method therein
43 8,482,527 Apparatus and method of providing user interface on head mounted display and head mounted display thereof
44 8,482,450 Method for controlling external device and remote controller thereof
45 8,482,425 Cell phone detector for washing machines
46 8,482,389 Reader control system
47 8,481,847 Solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
48 8,480,049 Wall mounting apparatus
49 8,479,527 Refrigerator and control method for the same
50 8,479,410 Dryer and a control method thereof