LG Electronics patents granted on 09 June 2009

20 US patents granted on 09 June 2009 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D594,000 Blue tooth device for cellular phone
2 D593,979 Mobile phone
3 7,546,511 Error detection code generating method and error detection code generator
4 7,546,153 Antenna mount for mobile terminal
5 7,546,132 Communication of point to multipoint service information in wireless communication system
6 7,546,093 Antenna unit for mobile terminal
7 7,545,897 Method and apparatus for recording time information for digital data streams
8 7,545,807 Method for formatting signal in mobile communication system
9 7,545,730 Read-only recording medium and reproducing method thereof
10 7,545,718 Method and apparatus for establishing manufacturer-specific test writing parameters for writing of writable optical storage media
11 7,545,714 Method for controlling data read speed of optical disc
12 7,545,440 Digital multimedia broadcasting receiver, and method of using additional information thereof
13 7,545,407 Method of recording still pictures onto a recording medium
14 7,545,332 Antenna and portable terminal having the same
15 7,545,098 Plasma display panel including address electrode
16 7,543,942 Automatic door mechanism for projector
17 7,543,897 Door opening prevention device for refrigerator
18 7,543,631 Exhaust gas heat exchanger for cogeneration system
19 7,543,465 Detergent box, detergent box assembly, and washing machine with the same
20 7,543,464 Apparatus and method for switching power transmission mode of washing machine