LG Electronics patents granted on 09 March 2010

23 US patents granted on 09 March 2010 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D611,473 Monitor
2 D611,453 Home theater speaker
3 7,676,300 Building management system and operating method thereof including protocol conversion
4 7,675,977 Method and apparatus for processing audio signal
5 7,675,942 Reducing overheads of a protocol data unit in a wireless communication system
6 7,675,880 Power estimating method in wireless system
7 7,675,877 Digital device capable of communication and broadcast reception and method for processing digital broadcast
8 7,675,875 Data loss control in a push to communicate network
9 7,675,829 Method and apparatus for overwriting data on recording-medium and the recording medium
10 7,675,828 Recording medium having data structure for managing at least a data area of the recording medium and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
11 7,675,682 Optical film and backlight unit having the same
12 7,675,585 Liquid crystal display with organic EL backlight comprising cap member with protrusions
13 7,675,479 Multi-screen system and multi-screen implementation method
14 7,675,204 Motor for controlling inverse rotation of rotor
15 7,675,006 Temperature sensing circuit in cooking appliance and controlling method of the same
16 7,673,997 Control panel assembly for laundry machine
17 7,673,761 Wine refrigerator with shelf having elastic support members
18 7,673,639 Washing arm and dishwasher having the same
19 7,673,472 Refrigerator door having dispenser
20 7,673,470 Refrigerator
21 7,673,469 Ice dispenser for a refrigerator with a delay mechanism having a foldable catch
22 7,673,465 Air-conditioning system and apparatus for protecting the same
23 7,673,359 Drum-type washer control method and drum-type washer using the same