LG Electronics patents granted on 09 October 2007

16 US patents granted on 09 October 2007 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 7,280,742 Method for recording audio data on a rewritable recording medium and for adjusting data grouping criterion
2 7,280,532 Call set-up method using SIP-T overlap signaling
3 7,280,442 Slim-type optical pick-up actuator for recording/reproducing device
4 7,280,089 Apparatus and method for driving field emission display device
5 7,280,050 Broadcast receiving terminal and method for digital stream data decoding
6 7,280,041 Method of communicating and disclosing feelings of mobile terminal user and communication system thereof
7 7,279,835 Plasma display panel and fabricating method thereof
8 7,279,815 Swing motor
9 7,278,743 Single panel illumination system and projection display apparatus using the same
10 7,278,277 Ice transfer device for refrigerator, and control circuit thereof
11 7,278,180 Device for protecting motor in vacuum cleaner
12 RE39,873 Apparatus and method for controlling picture inversion of a liquid crystal display
13 D552,807 Drum washing machine
14 D552,586 Cellular phone
15 D552,585 Cellular phone
16 D552,580 Cellular phone