LG Electronics patents granted on 10 August 2010

22 US patents granted on 10 August 2010 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE41,481 Method and apparatus of composing menu for users
2 D621,374 LCD television receiver
3 7,774,686 Method for effectively transmitting control signal in wireless communication system
4 7,774,199 Signal processing using pilot based coding
5 7,774,009 Mobile communication terminal for setting background music during telephone conversation and method thereof
6 7,773,958 Key pad assembly and mobile communication terminal having the same
7 7,773,700 Apparatus for channel equalization and method thereof
8 7,773,677 Image block error concealing apparatus and method using weight filtering in mobile communication system
9 7,773,676 Video decoding system with external memory rearranging on a field or frames basis
10 7,773,675 Method for decoding a video signal using a quality base reference picture
11 7,773,556 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving MBMS transport blocks
12 7,773,549 Communication system and method for operating multicast service in communication system
13 7,773,156 Device and method for displaying PIP on TV
14 7,773,107 Method for setting mute flags to improve compatibilities and the high definition multimedia interface system using the same method
15 7,772,772 Green phosphor and plasma display panel using the same
16 7,772,020 Method of fabricating vertical devices using a metal support film
17 7,771,543 Leakage preventing structure of dish washer
18 7,771,180 Compressor and oil separation device therefor
19 7,770,408 Ice supplier
20 7,770,404 Ice making system for refrigerator
21 7,770,257 Vacuum cleaner and suction nozzle structure thereof
22 7,770,253 Vacuum cleaner with removable dust collector, and methods of operating the same