LG Electronics patents granted on 10 July 2012

40 US patents granted on 10 July 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D663,498 Detergent case for dry cleaning machines
2 D663,497 Laundry detergent holder
3 D663,495 Clothes dryer
4 D663,290 Bluetooth headset
5 D663,267 Adaptor for cellular phone
6 8,220,026 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
7 8,219,936 User interface for a mobile device using a user’s gesture in the proximity of an electronic device
8 8,219,895 DTV transmitter and method of coding main and enhanced data in DTV transmitter
9 8,219,877 Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink data in a wireless access system
10 8,219,869 Method of retransmitting data in a mobile communication system
11 8,219,809 Method of optimizing data communication
12 8,219,166 Manufacturing of back lighting structure for mobile terminal
13 8,219,160 Portable electronic device
14 8,219,152 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
15 8,219,151 Portable terminal and driving method of the same
16 8,219,127 Apparatus and method of performing measurements logging in wireless communication system
17 8,219,097 Method of transmitting and receiving radio access information in a wireless mobile communications system
18 8,219,084 Method of roaming in broadcast service and system and terminal thereof
19 8,218,675 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing
20 8,218,667 Data transmission method using dirty paper coding in MIMO system
21 8,218,662 Method for designing mini resource unit and transmission for a distributed resource unit in consideration of space frequency block code
22 8,218,524 Method for transmitting or receiving data unit using header field existence indicator
23 8,218,510 Relay station and method of operating the same
24 8,218,491 Method of transmitting data in wireless communication system
25 8,218,481 Method of transmitting data in a mobile communication system
26 8,218,409 Method for recording wobble signals on an optical disc and optical disc on which the wobble signals are recorded
27 8,217,951 Graphic data processing apparatus and method
28 8,217,921 Flat panel display and driving method of the same
29 8,217,907 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
30 8,217,904 Mobile terminal and screen display method thereof
31 8,217,894 DTV capable of receiving signal from 3D pointing device, and method of executing function and adjusting audio property of DTV employing 3D pointing device
32 8,217,806 Method and apparatus for providing parking information
33 8,217,752 Remote monitoring system and method controlling the same
34 8,217,613 System and method for driving a drawer of a refrigerator and refrigerator employing same
35 8,215,933 Scroll compressor and refrigerating machine having the same
36 8,215,732 Vertically adjustable refrigerator shelf with hidden drive unit
37 8,215,232 Cooking apparatus and cleaning method for the same
38 8,215,136 Laundry machine having multiple laundry treatment devices
39 8,215,133 Fabric treating machine
40 8,215,122 Air conditioner and method of controlling the same