LG Electronics patents granted on 10 May 2011

27 US patents granted on 10 May 2011 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE42,348 Feature-dependent operating method between two connected equipments and an apparatus for controlling the operating method
2 RE42,342 Apparatus and method for processing audio signals recorded on a medium
3 RE42,341 Apparatus and method for processing audio signals recorded on a medium
4 RE42,328 Washing machine with tilted washing tub
5 D637,642 Projector
6 D637,641 Projector
7 D637,581 Home theater woofer speaker
8 D637,578 Mobile phone
9 D637,576 Cellular phone
10 D637,573 Television
11 7,941,820 Method and apparatus for updating program guide information of digital TV
12 7,941,137 Mobile terminal and method of visual data processing
13 7,940,855 DTV receiving system and method of processing DTV signal
14 7,940,854 Digital television transmitter/receiver and method of processing data in digital television transmitter/receiver
15 7,940,821 Temperature compensating method of laser power in optical disk storage apparatus
16 7,940,797 Apparatus and method for transmitting control information in mobile communication system
17 7,940,783 Method and terminal for restriction of domain transfer
18 7,940,742 Method and device for providing traffic information including a prediction of travel time to traverse a link and using the same
19 7,940,741 Providing traffic information relating to a prediction of speed on a link and using the same
20 7,940,737 Method and apparatus for multiplexing multiple reverse feedback channels in multi-carrier wireless networks
21 7,940,643 Method of transmitting reference signal and transmitter using the same
22 7,940,642 Method for generating codeword based on a plurality of vector combinations and transmitting the same
23 7,939,849 Diode having high brightness and method thereof
24 7,939,841 High output light emitting diode and method for fabricating the same
25 7,939,840 Light emitting device having light extraction structure and method for manufacturing the same
26 7,937,974 Drum door locking device for laundry apparatus
27 7,937,961 System and method for controlling demand of multi-air-conditioner