LG Electronics patents granted on 10 November 2015

70 US patents granted on 10 November 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D743,130 Clothes management apparatus
2 D743,129 Clothes management apparatus
3 D743,128 Clothes management apparatus
4 D743,127 Main body for clothes management apparatus
5 D742,941 Refrigerator
6 D742,909 Television receiver with graphical user interface
7 D742,875 Mobile phone
8 D742,867 Mobile phone
9 D742,865 Cellular phone
10 D742,862 Speaker for television receiver
11 D742,847 Mobile phone
12 D742,846 Monitor
13 D742,844 Television receiver
14 D742,843 Monitor
15 9,185,728 Method for setting up carrier in carrier aggregation system and apparatus required for same
16 9,185,707 Method and apparatus of transmitting a white space map information in a wireless local area network system
17 9,185,703 Method for transmitting/receiving signal and device therefor
18 9,185,701 Method for scheduling distributed virtual resource blocks
19 9,185,700 Method and device for communication between terminals in wireless communication system
20 9,185,699 Method and apparatus for wireless resource allocation for relay in wireless communication system
21 9,185,694 Method and device for transmitting and receiving data in wireless communication system
22 9,185,683 Apparatus for transmitting and receiving data in a wireless communication system and method thereof
23 9,185,681 Method and apparatus for transmitting paging message in wireless communication system
24 9,185,669 Synchronization method for distributed antenna system and apparatus using the same
25 9,185,658 Uplink power control method and user equipment
26 9,185,651 Method for performing random access procedure for reporting abnormal power outage in wireless access system supporting M2M environment
27 9,185,621 Server for undertaking control plane in mobile communication network and method for supporting traffic detour service mobility in same server
28 9,185,612 Method and apparatus for performing membership verification or access control in wireless communication system
29 9,185,590 Method of performing cell measurement and method of providing information for cell measurement
30 9,185,580 Method and device for performing a logged measurement in a wireless communication system
31 9,185,570 Method and apparatus for performing channel measurement in a distributed multi-node system
32 9,185,549 Method for sending and receiving terminal capability change information following terminal connection to an external apparatus
33 9,185,518 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
34 9,185,453 Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
35 9,185,452 Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
36 9,185,413 Channel equalizer and method of processing broadcast signal in DTV receiving system
37 9,185,366 Digital E8-VSB reception system and E8-VSB data demultiplexing method
38 9,185,328 Device and method for displaying a three-dimensional PIP image
39 9,185,261 Input device and image processing method thereof
40 9,184,900 Method and apparatus for coordinating performance of multiple carriers
41 9,184,895 Method and apparatus of interference alignment in cellular network
42 9,184,893 Backhaul link subframe structure in mobile communication system and method for transmitting information thereof
43 9,184,888 Method of resource block (RB) bundling
44 9,184,883 Method for allocating resource to uplink control signal in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
45 9,184,871 Method for network coding for cooperative relay network in wireless communication system
46 9,184,869 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in a wireless communication system
47 9,184,826 Method for processing signals received from a transmission device in a wireless communication system
48 9,184,818 Method and apparatus for transreceiving channel state information in cooperative multipoint communication system
49 9,184,806 Method for performing hierarchical beamforming in wireless access system and device therefor
50 9,184,802 Communication of wireless power receiver through wireless power signal
51 9,184,770 Broadcast transmitter and method of processing broadcast service data for transmission
52 9,184,631 Photovoltaic power generation system
53 9,184,340 Non-polar nitride-based light emitting device and method for fabricating the same
54 9,183,770 Foldable display device and method of controlling therefor
55 9,183,715 Apparatus and method for controlling color of mask of monitoring camera
56 9,183,372 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
57 9,182,911 Menu display method of mobile terminal
58 9,182,905 Method for inputting command in mobile terminal using drawing pattern and mobile terminal using the same
59 9,182,901 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
60 9,182,896 Terminal and method of control
61 9,182,890 Image display apparatus and method for operating the same
62 9,182,842 Mobile terminal
63 9,182,801 Screen brightness control for mobile device
64 9,182,247 Network system
65 9,182,165 Rapid cryocooler utilizing spray holes to cool a beverage
66 9,182,163 Refrigerator including an anti-interference mechanism
67 9,181,947 Compressor
68 9,181,747 Door for home appliance and method for manufacturing the same
69 9,181,649 Washing method and washing machine
70 9,180,596 Robot cleaner and method of operating the same