LG Electronics patents granted on 11 January 2011

47 US patents granted on 11 January 2011 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D630,807 Laundry dryer
2 D630,655 Refrigerator
3 D630,636 LCD monitor
4 D630,618 Remote controller
5 D630,606 Mobile phone
6 D630,599 Television
7 7,870,586 Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
8 7,870,236 Method for accessing internet using internet TV
9 7,869,991 Mobile terminal and operation control method for deleting white noise voice frames
10 7,869,845 Sliding type mobile terminal
11 7,869,839 Mobile phone
12 7,869,834 Mobile terminal
13 7,869,833 Event display apparatus for mobile communication terminal and method thereof
14 7,869,818 Periodic positioning method in mobile communications system
15 7,869,817 Periodic positioning method in mobile communications system
16 7,869,758 Selective service method in multicast system
17 7,869,696 Method for recording recorded digital data stream and for providing presentation managing information for the recorded digital data stream
18 7,869,693 Method and apparatus of recording digital data stream, and a recording medium containing data recorded through said method
19 7,869,674 Light emitting unit, apparatus and method for manufacturing the same, apparatus for molding lens thereof, and light emitting device package thereof
20 7,869,501 Method for decoding a video signal to mark a picture as a reference picture
21 7,869,419 Method of transmitting feedback information in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)/OFDM access (OFDMA) mobile communication system
22 7,869,415 Method for physical control format indicator channel mapping
23 7,869,402 Method of efficiently utilizing resources in a wireless communication system
24 7,869,398 Method for setting user equipment identifier in radio communication system
25 7,869,396 Data transmission method and data re-transmission method
26 7,869,391 Method and apparatus for providing point-to-multipoint multimedia service in a mobile communications system
27 7,869,380 Method of channel assessment and channel searching in a wireless network
28 7,869,357 Method of processing traffic information and digital broadcast system
29 7,869,323 Optical disc media type confirmation method
30 7,869,109 Portable projector
31 7,868,920 Mobile communication terminal having function of photographing moving picture, and method for operating same
32 7,868,851 Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
33 7,868,849 Plasma display apparatus and method of driving the same
34 7,868,836 Antenna and mobile terminal
35 7,868,549 Plasma display panel comprising phosphor additive material
36 7,868,502 Fan motor, BLDC motor, and rotor for the BLDC motor
37 7,868,349 Light source apparatus and fabrication method thereof
38 7,868,348 Light emitting device having vertical structure and method for manufacturing the same
39 7,868,330 Organic electro-luminescence display device and fabricating method thereof
40 7,867,885 Post structure, semiconductor device and light emitting device using the structure, and method for forming the same
41 7,867,340 Dishwasher and sound-insulation member therefor
42 7,866,190 Washing machine having broadcasting receiver
43 7,866,171 Food keeping refrigerator
44 7,866,165 Refrigerator with a dispenser
45 7,866,059 Method of controlling a dryer
46 7,865,998 Bearing housing, and motor assembly and vacuum cleaner having the same
47 7,865,990 Washing machine and operating method thereof