LG Electronics patents granted on 11 November 2014

60 US patents granted on 11 November 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D717,358 Projector
2 D717,349 Refrigerator shelf
3 D717,348 Shelf for refrigerator
4 D717,326 Multi-media terminal having graphic user interface
5 D717,325 Refrigerator with graphical user interface
6 D717,324 Refrigerator with graphical user interface
7 D717,283 Television receiver
8 D717,277 Speaker for home theater
9 D717,272 Speaker
10 D717,267 Mobile phone
11 D717,264 Mobile phone
12 8,887,253 Method of assigning a user key in a convergence network
13 8,887,223 Apparatus and method for processing an interactive service
14 8,887,203 Multi-functional display device having a channel map and method of controlling the same
15 8,887,198 Display device and method for searching channel
16 8,887,049 Device, method and timeline user interface for controlling home devices
17 8,887,041 Displaying a call function within a web browser
18 8,886,260 Terminal and call providing method thereof
19 8,886,238 Method of allocating radio resource in wireless communication system
20 8,886,213 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
21 8,886,185 Method for performing handover or initial accessing
22 8,886,184 Method of performing cell reselection procedure in wireless communication system
23 8,886,116 Link adaptation method and apparatus in wireless LAN system
24 8,886,021 Recording medium having data structure for managing reproduction of at least video data recorded thereon and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
25 8,885,762 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
26 8,885,754 Method and device for sending and receiving precoded signals on a wireless communication system
27 8,885,751 Signal transmission method in distributed antenna system
28 8,885,743 Method of transmitting control signal in wireless communication system
29 8,885,742 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving reference signal (RS) for demodulation
30 8,885,739 Method and apparatus for transmitting reference signal in wireless communication system
31 8,885,710 Method and device for encoding/decoding video signals using base layer
32 8,885,606 Apparatus and method for updating control information of a target base station during handover operation in a broadband wireless communication system
33 8,885,600 Enhanced delay management
34 8,885,595 Method and device for control information transmission in a wireless communication system
35 8,885,591 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in wireless communication system
36 8,885,589 Method for transmitting an uplink signal in a wireless communication system, and apparatus for the same
37 8,885,588 Method and apparatus for performing HARQ in a wireless communication system
38 8,885,579 Uplink synchronization in multiple carrier system
39 8,885,576 Method for multiplexing data and control information
40 8,885,556 Method for performing a HARQ in a multiple carrier system
41 8,885,538 Method and apparatus for ascynchronous direct link setup in WLAN system
42 8,885,534 Method and device for operating in idle mode
43 8,885,347 Mobile terminal
44 8,885,333 Mobile terminal
45 8,885,109 Display device for displaying meta data according to command signal of remote controller and control method of the same
46 8,885,101 Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
47 8,885,068 Mobile terminal and control method for the same
48 8,885,039 Providing vehicle information
49 8,884,988 Portable device displaying an augmented reality image and method of controlling therefor
50 8,884,941 Display system and power control method thereof
51 8,884,893 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
52 8,884,874 Digital device and control method thereof
53 8,884,501 LED based lamp and method for manufacturing the same
54 8,884,158 Solar cell and solar cell module
55 8,883,234 Fermenter and microwave oven having the same, their controlling method
56 8,882,928 Method for controlling dishwasher
57 8,881,951 Refrigerator
58 8,881,717 Built-in cooking appliance
59 8,881,545 Refrigerator
60 8,881,343 Vacuum cleaner