LG Electronics patents granted on 11 September 2012

46 US patents granted on 11 September 2012 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE43,648 Method and communication system for identifying calling/called party
2 D667,180 Vacuum cleaner
3 D667,179 Drawer-shaped washing machine
4 D667,162 Ceiling lamp
5 D667,150 LED lamp
6 D667,149 LED lamp
7 D667,148 LED lamp
8 D667,147 LED lamp
9 D667,146 LED lamp
10 D667,126 Device for measuring vital signs assembly
11 D666,936 Crystal ornament for television
12 8,266,668 Broadcast receiver, data structure, and method for providing diagnostic information
13 8,266,513 Method for determining transport block size and signal transmission method using the same
14 8,266,244 Method and apparatus for managing bookmark information for content stored in a networked media server
15 8,265,941 Method and an apparatus for decoding an audio signal
16 8,265,868 Broadcast receiver and method of processing data
17 8,265,706 Mobile terminal and display controlling method thereof
18 8,265,705 Mobile terminal and method of executing call function using the same
19 8,265,704 Character input method of mobile terminal
20 8,265,666 Method for coding and transmitting transport format combination indicator
21 8,265,659 Mobile terminal, method of managing schedule using the mobile terminal, and method of managing position information using the mobile terminal
22 8,265,629 Method for performing a handoff by a comp set
23 8,265,604 Mobile phone and call processing method of mobile phone
24 8,265,557 Mobile terminal capable of being connected to audio output device using short-range communication and method of controlling the operation of the mobile terminal
25 8,265,548 Relay frame structure for supporting transparent and bidirectional relays
26 8,265,462 Recording medium having a data structure for managing a transport stream recorded thereon and methods and apparatuses for recording and reproducing
27 8,265,299 Method and an apparatus for processing an audio signal
28 8,265,220 Rate adaptation for use in adaptive multi-rate vocoder
29 8,265,007 Method for receiving system information in multimedia broadcast/multicast service
30 8,265,000 Method for receiving common channel in wireless communication and terminal thereof
31 8,264,968 Inter-layer prediction method for video signal
32 8,264,945 Method for signal mapping and signal transmission with subcarrier shift schemes
33 8,264,823 Foldable mobile terminal
34 8,264,566 Method for processing image and portable terminal having camera thereof
35 8,264,506 System and method for displaying a rotated image in a display device
36 8,264,334 Remote control unit, electronic device and method for controlling electronic device
37 8,263,996 Light emitting device and fabrication method thereof and light emitting system using the same
38 8,263,909 Cooking apparatus and heater supporter for the same
39 8,263,857 Solar cell
40 8,262,214 Ink jet printer
41 8,262,176 Refrigerator
42 8,261,573 Refrigerator
43 8,261,569 Air conditioning system
44 8,261,467 Liquid storage container and clothes dryer having the same
45 8,261,390 Drum type washing machine having towel washing function and operation method thereof
46 8,261,389 Cloth treating apparatus and controlling method thereof