LG Electronics patents granted on 12 April 2016

50 US patents granted on 12 April 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE45,975 Broadcast receiving system and method for processing broadcast signals
2 D753,675 Multimedia terminal with graphical user interface
3 D753,667 Television receiver with graphical user interface
4 D753,640 Mobile phone
5 D753,623 Mobile phone
6 D753,622 Mobile phone
7 9,313,817 Method for performing D2D communication and apparatus therefor
8 9,313,807 Method and device for random access in wireless communication system supporting multi-carrier wave
9 9,313,781 Method and device for transmitting downlink control signal in wireless communication system
10 9,313,776 Method for transmitting/receiving signal and device therefor
11 9,313,765 Method for measuring position in wireless communication system
12 9,313,725 Method for performing autonomously search for a cell and a device therefor
13 9,313,718 Method and apparatus for cooperative discovery and in proximity-based service
14 9,313,694 Method of supporting signal transmission and reception using at least two radio access technologies and apparatus therefor
15 9,313,681 Method and apparatus for in-device coexistence interference information in wireless communication system
16 9,313,669 Apparatus and method for calculating location of mobile station in wireless network
17 9,313,613 Method, apparatus, and system for performing unsolicited location-based download
18 9,313,608 Method and apparatus for performing random access
19 9,313,441 Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
20 9,313,439 User adaptive display device and method thereof
21 9,313,409 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
22 9,313,408 Mobile device for capturing images and control method thereof
23 9,313,315 Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same for tagging different NFC tags
24 9,313,068 Method for transmitting data unit in wireless local area network system and apparatus for supporting same
25 9,313,005 Method and user equipment for transmitting channel state information and method and base station for receiving channel state information
26 9,313,003 Transmission method and device for a downlink reference signal
27 9,313,001 Method and apparatus for transmitting downlink reference signal in wireless communication system that supports multiple antennas
28 9,313,000 Method for transceiving a reference signal in a wireless connection system and terminal therefor
29 9,312,999 Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink reference signal in a multi-antenna wireless communication system
30 9,312,997 Method for transmitting or receiving PDCCH and user equipment or base station for the method
31 9,312,993 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in wireless communication system
32 9,312,945 Method for reporting downlink channel state and apparatus therefor
33 9,312,937 Method and apparatus for transmitting codebook-based signal in wireless communication system
34 9,312,934 Method for transmitting efficient feedback in multi-antenna wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
35 9,312,459 Light emitting device having vertical structure and package thereof
36 9,312,420 Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same
37 9,311,843 Image display device
38 9,310,996 Mobile terminal and method for providing user interface thereof
39 9,310,984 Method of controlling three dimensional object and mobile terminal using the same
40 9,310,966 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
41 9,310,779 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
42 9,310,646 Display device
43 9,310,612 Mobile device, head mounted display and method of controlling therefor
44 9,310,209 Terminal and method for controlling the same
45 9,310,126 Refrigerator
46 9,310,122 Refrigerator and dispenser of refrigerator
47 9,310,105 Refrigerator and controlling method of the same
48 9,309,618 Laundry treating apparatus
49 9,309,117 Oxygen generating apparatus and air conditioner
50 9,308,864 Vehicle and control method thereof