LG Electronics patents granted on 12 August 2014

48 US patents granted on 12 August 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 8,806,561 Method and an apparatus for processing a broadcast signal including an interactive broadcast service
2 8,806,539 Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
3 8,806,376 Mobile communication device and method of controlling the same
4 8,806,364 Mobile terminal with touch screen and method of processing data using the same
5 8,806,225 Mobile terminal and display controlling method therein
6 8,805,602 Inverter apparatus and electric vehicle having the same
7 8,805,439 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
8 8,805,429 Inter-cell interference mitigating method in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
9 8,805,331 Method for briefing a schedule in a mobile communication terminal
10 8,805,166 System and method for recording broadcasting programs
11 8,805,161 Image display device and reservation recording method
12 8,804,967 Method for encoding and decoding multi-channel audio signal and apparatus thereof
13 8,804,817 Digital television transmitting system and receiving system and method of processing broadcast data
14 8,804,812 Method and apparatus for transmitting reception acknowledgement information in wireless communication system
15 8,804,742 PDCP packet transmission method
16 8,804,692 Method of transmitting and receiving data in a wireless communication system
17 8,804,663 Effective method of handover in wideband radio access system
18 8,804,647 Method and apparatus for generating an uplink reference signal sequence in a wireless communication system
19 8,804,645 Apparatus and method for transmitting uplink control information
20 8,804,637 Method for transmitting a midamble in a radio communication system
21 8,804,635 Method of transmitting and receiving data in a wireless system
22 8,804,632 Method of performing random access procedure in multiple component carrier system
23 8,804,602 Method and apparatus for transmitting frame in wireless communication system including relay station
24 8,804,588 Method for saving power in a multi-carrier wireless access system
25 8,804,542 Method of transmitting feedback data in a multiple antenna system
26 8,804,481 Method and apparatus of transmitting scheduling request in wireless communication system
27 8,804,478 Apparatus and method for transmitting data using a plurality of carriers
28 8,804,322 Display apparatus
29 8,804,043 Image display apparatus having a graphical user interface for a plurality of input ports and method for operating the same
30 8,804,039 Display apparatus and method for controlling the display apparatus
31 8,804,026 Mobile device and method for controlling the same
32 8,804,022 Digital device and method for controlling the same
33 8,803,954 Image display device, viewing device and methods for operating the same
34 8,803,948 Broadcast receiver and 3D subtitle data processing method thereof
35 8,803,945 Broadcast receiver and 3D video data processing method
36 8,803,873 Image display apparatus and image display method thereof
37 8,803,051 Microwave oven
38 8,801,124 Refrigerator having storage container
39 8,800,326 Drum-type washing machine and bearing housing structure thereof
40 8,800,316 Ice maker and refrigerator
41 8,800,315 Refrigerator
42 8,800,313 Water circulation system associated with refrigerant cycle
43 8,800,165 Laundry machine having a drying function
44 8,800,101 Robot cleaner and self testing method of the same
45 D710,823 Speaker for television receivers
46 D710,815 Mobile phone
47 D710,645 Electric oven range
48 D710,644 Electric oven range