LG Electronics patents granted on 12 July 2016

61 US patents granted on 12 July 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D761,336 Refrigerator
2 D761,334 Refrigerator
3 D761,333 Refrigerator
4 D761,231 Speaker
5 D761,222 Main body of TV receiver
6 D761,221 TV receiver
7 D761,220 TV receiver
8 D761,219 TV receiver
9 9,392,706 Mobile terminal
10 9,392,635 Method and UE for network attachment
11 9,392,630 Method for wireless fidelity peer-to-peer communication and device therefor
12 9,392,618 Method and apparatus for controlling channel access in wireless LAN system
13 9,392,610 Operating method for acquiring system information in wireless communication system, and apparatus for supporting same
14 9,392,609 Method and apparatus for removing inter-heterogeneous cell interference
15 9,392,596 Method for allowing MTC terminal to transmit and receive signal in wireless communication system
16 9,392,587 Method for transmitting control information and device for same
17 9,392,571 Method for measuring position in M2M system and apparatus therefor
18 9,392,561 Uplink signal transmission method and station device, and uplink signal receiving method and access point device
19 9,392,556 Apparatus and method for reporting power headroom in wireless communication system
20 9,392,554 Method and apparatus for performing power headroom reporting procedure in wireless communication system
21 9,392,550 Method for allowing terminal to determine uplink transmission power in wireless communication system and device therefor
22 9,392,541 Method and device for M2M communication
23 9,392,535 Method for performing a cooperative operation between heterogeneous networks and device for same
24 9,392,522 Multihomed communication device
25 9,392,505 Method for reporting information on multiband capability to network at user equipment in wireless communication system and an apparatus therefor
26 9,392,396 Method and device for triggering machine-type communication MTC in wireless communication system
27 9,392,340 Method and a control device for controlling and operating a media renderer and a media server and for notifying the media renderer when there are too many resource being prefetched, and a method of operating a media renderer device
28 9,392,281 Digital television transmitting system and receiving system and method of processing broadcasting data
29 9,392,253 Electronic device and method for displaying stereo-view or multiview sequence image
30 9,392,252 Broadcast receiver and 3D video data processing method thereof
31 9,392,249 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving a digital broadcasting signal
32 9,392,186 Mobile terminal and control method thereof capturing first and second images with first and second flashes
33 9,392,165 Array camera, mobile terminal, and methods for operating the same
34 9,392,148 Display device including camera module
35 9,392,119 Enhanced visual voice mail
36 9,392,095 Mobile terminal and control method for the mobile terminal
37 9,392,087 Mobile terminal
38 9,391,758 Method and apparatus for adjusting transmission timing in wireless access system supporting carrier aggregation
39 9,391,753 Communication method for active and non-active carriers using carrier aggregation and an apparatus therefore
40 9,391,746 Apparatus and method for transmitting UL feedback information for carrier over a UL feedback channel in a multicarrier system
41 9,391,725 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals and method for receiving broadcast signals
42 9,391,249 Light emitting device package and method of fabricating the same
43 9,391,221 Solar cell module and apparatus for generating photovoltaic power
44 9,391,051 Display device using semiconductor light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
45 9,390,722 Method and device for quantizing voice signals in a band-selective manner
46 9,390,715 Mobile terminal and controlling method for displaying a written touch input based on a recognized input voice
47 9,390,714 Control method using voice and gesture in multimedia device and multimedia device thereof
48 9,390,687 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
49 9,390,465 Image resizing method, image transmission method, and electronic device
50 9,390,250 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
51 9,389,784 Digital device having side touch region and control method for the same
52 9,389,770 Mobile terminal and method of controlling the operation of the mobile terminal
53 9,389,683 Wearable display and method of controlling therefor
54 9,389,600 Central control system and method for setting control point thereof
55 9,389,599 System and method for controlling air conditioner
56 9,389,059 Apparatus and method for measuring length of pipe
57 9,389,026 Heat exchanger
58 9,388,992 Gas oven range
59 9,388,806 Reciprocating compressor
60 9,388,523 Laundry treating apparatus
61 9,386,905 Network system