LG Electronics patents granted on 12 November 2013

39 US patents granted on 12 November 2013 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE44,588 Antenna assembly and portable terminal having the same
2 D693,333 Remote control
3 D693,332 Remote controller for electronic machines and apparatus
4 D693,331 Remote controller for television receivers
5 D693,325 Mobile phone
6 D693,167 Microwave oven
7 8,584,206 Method for managing domain using multi domain manager and domain system
8 8,584,043 Mobile terminal including touch screen and method of controlling operation thereof
9 8,583,909 Digital broadcast receiver and booting method of digital broadcast receiver
10 8,583,679 Method of providing by-viewpoint patent map and system thereof
11 8,583,445 Method and apparatus for processing a signal using a time-stretched band extension base signal
12 8,583,364 Navigation method of mobile terminal and apparatus thereof
13 8,583,178 Mobile terminal, display device and controlling method thereof
14 8,583,129 Method and apparatus for acquiring available channel information in a wireless local area network system
15 8,583,086 Mobile terminal and chat method in a mobile terminal using an instant messaging service
16 8,582,771 Method for selectively encrypting control signal
17 8,582,680 MIMO codebook generation
18 8,582,679 Method of transmitting of data and configuring a codebook in multi antenna system
19 8,582,651 Method of decoding a current image block
20 8,582,626 Transmitting spread signal in communication system
21 8,582,549 Downlink localized and distributed multiplexing in a frequency division multiplexing manner
22 8,582,524 Method for performing a bandwidth request procedure, and terminal apparatus for same
23 8,582,523 Method for transmitting a downlink signal in a wireless communication system and apparatus for same
24 8,582,512 Method of transmitting and receiving downlink data in wireless communication system
25 8,582,511 Procedure for initial access
26 8,582,506 Method of transmitting and receiving HARQ feedback, and mobile station and base station apparatus using the same method
27 8,582,486 Reference signal transmission method for downlink multiple input multiple output system
28 8,582,441 Data transmission method for HSDPA
29 8,582,419 Method and apparatus for transmitting signal in wireless communication system
30 8,582,282 Display apparatus
31 8,582,047 Display device and window manufacturing method for the display device
32 8,582,026 Mobile terminal
33 8,581,933 System and method for displaying a rotated image in a display device
34 8,581,877 Mobile terminal and operation control method thereof
35 8,581,854 Mobile terminal and method of generating key signal therein
36 8,579,597 Variable capacity type rotary compressor
37 8,579,394 Refrigerator
38 8,578,728 Movable air conditioner
39 8,578,533 Control method of a laundry machine