LG Electronics patents granted on 13 August 2013

46 US patents granted on 13 August 2013 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D687,823 Tablet computer
2 D687,815 Remote control
3 D687,799 Mobile phone
4 8,510,854 Method and system for digital rights management among apparatuses
5 8,510,781 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
6 8,510,777 Information descriptor and extended information descriptor data structures for digital television signals
7 8,510,678 Content control apparatus and method thereof
8 8,510,622 Method of processing traffic information and digital broadcast system
9 8,510,120 Apparatus and method of processing an audio signal, utilizing unique offsets associated with coded-coefficients
10 8,510,119 Apparatus and method of processing an audio signal, utilizing unique offsets associated with coded-coefficients
11 8,510,114 Communication device transforming text message into speech
12 8,509,922 Mobile terminal
13 8,509,854 Mobile terminal and method of controlling operation of the same
14 8,509,838 User equipment apparatus for simultaneously transmitting signals via a plurality of wireless communication chips to which different wireless communication schemes are applied and method for controlling transmission power thereof
15 8,509,796 Carrier aggregation management method, system and devices
16 8,509,589 Mobile telecommunication terminal for receiving broadcast program
17 8,509,550 Apparatus for determining motion vectors and a reference picture index for a current block in a picture to be decoded
18 8,509,337 Method for transmitting synchronization channel using multi-antenna
19 8,509,283 Method for generating a reference signal sequence using grouping
20 8,509,209 Method for transmitting band bitmap in wireless communication system
21 8,509,178 Method of transmitting scheduling request in a wireless communication system
22 8,509,176 Method for transmitting and receiving data in a wireless communication system
23 8,509,175 Method for transmitting downlink control signal
24 8,509,173 Method and apparatus of transmit power control in wireless local area network
25 8,509,168 Method for transmitting CQI in wireless communication system
26 8,509,167 Method of effectively transmitting identification information of terminal during the generation of data block
27 8,509,164 Method for re-attempting a random access effectively
28 8,509,149 Method and apparatus of transmitting and receiving system information in a wireless system
29 8,509,142 Method for signaling of resource allocation to adjust granularity in cellular multi-carrier system
30 8,509,138 Method of designing a multiplexing structure for resource allocation to support legacy system
31 8,509,124 Method for transceiving a signal in wireless communication system
32 8,509,110 Cell searching method and apparatus in multi-carrier system
33 8,509,053 Method of multiplexing multiple access region
34 8,508,687 Display device
35 8,508,505 Virtual optical input device for providing various types of interfaces and method of controlling the same
36 8,508,343 Reader control system
37 8,508,331 Electronic device and method of controlling the same
38 8,508,131 Electrodeless lighting system
39 8,507,789 Solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
40 8,507,788 Solar cell panel
41 8,506,721 Dish washer and controlling method thereof
42 8,506,106 Backlight unit and display apparatus including the same
43 8,506,025 Supporter and pedestal and washing/drying machine having the same
44 8,505,340 Fabric treating apparatus
45 8,505,327 Indoor unit for air conditioner
46 8,505,325 Ice-making assembly for refrigerator