LG Electronics patents granted on 13 January 2015

41 US patents granted on 13 January 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 RE45,333 Multimedia service providing method for radio mobile communication system
2 D721,090 Display screen of a television receiver with graphic image
3 D721,057 Speaker for home theater
4 D721,051 Cellular phone
5 D721,049 Television receiver
6 8,935,730 Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
7 8,935,729 Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
8 8,935,637 Mobile terminal and method for operating the mobile terminal
9 8,935,627 Mobile terminal and method of controlling operation of the mobile terminal
10 8,935,414 Method and an apparatus for initiating a session in home network system
11 8,934,949 Mobile terminal
12 8,934,943 Mobile communication terminal and information display method thereof
13 8,934,910 Apparatus and method for discovering closed subscriber group terminal in femto cell
14 8,934,907 Method in which a mobile station receives information on a peripheral legacy base station in a legacy support mode
15 8,934,898 Data communication method and apparatus via interlock between heterogeneous networks in radio access system supporting multi radio access technology
16 8,934,846 Method and wireless apparatus for performing a minimization drive test
17 8,934,580 Method and apparatus for channel estimation in multi-path channel
18 8,934,523 Method and apparatus for configuring a transmission mode for a backhaul link transmission
19 8,934,502 Method and apparatus for processing padding buffer status reports
20 8,934,491 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
21 8,934,447 Method and apparatus for communication with a network in a wireless communication system
22 8,934,446 Transmission method and device for a downlink reference signal
23 8,934,442 Method of transmitting and receiving downlink data in wireless communication system
24 8,934,415 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving control information in a wireless communication system
25 8,934,397 Method and apparatus for relaying data in wireless communication system
26 8,934,334 Method and apparatus for processing NAS signaling request in wireless communication system
27 8,934,333 Method and device for transmitting/receiving data in wireless communication system supporting relay node
28 8,933,991 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
29 8,933,989 Reference picture list changing method of multi-view video
30 8,933,891 Terminal and method of controlling terminal
31 8,933,881 Remote controller and image display apparatus controllable by remote controller
32 8,933,871 Backlight unit and display device
33 8,933,857 Antenna device and mobile terminal having the same
34 8,933,845 Data communication device
35 8,933,795 Video display apparatus and method
36 8,932,069 Socket module and terminal having the same
37 8,932,049 Top-burner and cooker comprising the same
38 8,931,762 Air conditioner
39 8,931,312 Drum-type washing machine and bearing housing structure thereof
40 8,931,301 Movable refrigerator
41 8,931,186 Drying machine and method for controlling the same