LG Electronics patents granted on 13 October 2009

37 US patents granted on 13 October 2009 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 7,603,695 Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
2 7,603,694 Virtual channel table data structure, transport stream discrimination method, and digital broadcast receiver
3 7,603,692 Open cable set-top box diagnosing system and method thereof
4 7,603,667 Multi-download structure and method of mobile communication terminal
5 7,603,584 Method and apparatus of recording data in the optical recording medium
6 7,603,379 Unified management method of various types of messages of a personal information terminal
7 7,603,271 Speech coding apparatus with perceptual weighting and method therefor
8 7,603,149 Swivel-type mobile terminal and control method thereof
9 7,603,143 Mobile telecommunication handset having touch pad
10 7,603,134 Power control method for a mobile communication system
11 7,603,111 System for mobile instant messaging service using mobile communication terminal and method thereof
12 7,602,865 Apparatus and method for enhancing a reception rate of a receiver
13 7,602,841 Pilot signals for synchronization and/or channel estimation
14 7,602,802 Interrupting use of frequency layer convergence scheme
15 7,602,765 Method for synchronizing status information of IMPS client
16 7,602,753 Apparatus and method for tracing GPRS tunnel protocol resource
17 7,602,689 Recording medium, and method and apparatus for recording data in the same
18 7,602,559 Optical lens, light emitting device package using the optical lens, and backlight unit
19 7,602,377 Mobile device and method for preventing undesired key depression in the same
20 7,602,356 Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
21 7,602,355 Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
22 7,602,148 Method for displaying battery charge levels of multiple apparatuses
23 7,601,188 Vacuum cleaner
24 7,600,833 Refrigerator having basket lift apparatus
25 7,600,832 Refrigerator having basket lift apparatus
26 7,600,831 Refrigerator having basket lift apparatus
27 7,600,830 Refrigerator having basket lift apparatus
28 7,600,829 Refrigerator having basket lift apparatus
29 7,600,695 Cogeneration system and method for controlling the same
30 7,600,521 System for automatically exchanging cleaning tools of robot cleaner, and method therefor
31 7,600,403 Top loaded washing machine having drum with horizontal axis of rotation
32 7,600,402 Washing apparatus and control method thereof
33 7,600,393 Refrigerant distributing device for multi-type air conditioner
34 7,600,389 Multi-unit air conditioner and method for controlling the same
35 7,600,293 Vacuum cleaner
36 D601,994 Cellular phone
37 D601,989 Mobile phone