LG Electronics patents granted on 13 October 2015

57 US patents granted on 13 October 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 9,161,382 Method and apparatus for proximity-based service
2 9,161,381 Communication method in a mobile communication system using MTC equipment, and device for same
3 9,161,379 Method and apparatus for transmitting data in DLS wireless network
4 9,161,370 Method and device for resolving interference between cells
5 9,161,355 Method for signaling of resource allocation to adjust granularity in cellular multi-carrier system
6 9,161,351 Method of transmitting uplink control signals in wireless communication system
7 9,161,349 Method and device for transmitting control information
8 9,161,346 Method for transmitting control channel in multicell cooperative wireless communication system and device therefor
9 9,161,345 Method and device for performing terminal-to-terminal cooperative communication in wireless access system
10 9,161,317 Transmission power reporting method and apparatus
11 9,161,306 Method for transitioning between multiple reception levels
12 9,161,305 Method for power save mode operation in wireless local area network and apparatus for the same
13 9,161,295 Method of searching code sequence in mobile communication system
14 9,161,288 Method and device for transmitting data through client cooperation in wireless communication system
15 9,161,284 Method and apparatus for performing handover using path information in wireless communication system
16 9,161,260 Method and apparatus for space division multiple access for wireless local area network system
17 9,161,244 Method for transceiving signal in multi-node system, and device therefor
18 9,161,240 Method and apparatus for reporting a measurement result in a wireless communication system
19 9,161,236 Method and apparatus for measurement for inter-cell interference coordination in radio communication system
20 9,161,235 Frequency band determination method in coexistence scheme
21 9,161,216 Traffic encryption key management for machine to machine multicast group
22 9,161,183 Method of performing and supporting handover in broadband wireless access system
23 9,161,177 Method for transmitting and receiving multicast-data-related information by a machine-to-machine (M2M) device in a wireless communication system, and apparatus therefor
24 9,161,021 Mobile terminal and method for converting display mode between two-dimensional and three-dimensional modes
25 9,160,997 Display apparatus including a wavelength conversion layer
26 9,160,927 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
27 9,160,848 Electronic device and method of controlling the same
28 9,160,517 Method for transmitting/receiving signal and device therefor
29 9,160,516 Method for transmitting/receiving signal and device therefor
30 9,160,514 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information from relay node on backhaul uplink
31 9,160,493 Method and apparatus for transmitting ACK/NACK
32 9,160,486 Method and apparatus for multiplexing control information and data, and for transmitting the multiplexed control information and data in a MIMO wireless communication system
33 9,160,485 Method and apparatus for encoding transport block
34 9,160,429 Method for generating reference signal sequence in multi-antenna wireless communication system and apparatus for same
35 9,159,862 Solar cell and manufacturing method thereof
36 9,159,298 Terminal and contents sharing method for terminal
37 9,159,260 Mobile terminal
38 9,159,220 Lighting apparatus having an audio device and method of controlling the same
39 9,158,442 Electronic device and interface method for configuring menu using the same
40 9,158,415 Touch panel, method for driving touch panel, and display apparatus having touch panel
41 9,158,342 Mobile device and method of controlling therefor
42 9,157,662 Photovoltaic module
43 9,157,611 Lighting apparatus having a structure for mounting the lighting arraratus
44 9,157,438 Scroll compressor with bypass hole
45 9,157,178 Method for controlling a laundry treatment apparatus according to target relative humidity
46 9,157,176 Washing machine
47 D740,855 Multimedia terminal with animated GUI
48 D740,821 Portable keyboard
49 D740,796 Mobile phone
50 D740,795 Mobile phone
51 D740,794 Cellular phone
52 D740,788 Audio speaker
53 D740,777 Mobile phone
54 D740,776 Mobile phone
55 D740,775 Mobile phone
56 D740,772 Television receiver
57 D740,704 Wearable device