LG Electronics patents granted on 13 September 2016

57 US patents granted on 13 September 2016 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D766,345 Basket for refrigerator
2 D766,344 Refrigerator
3 D766,316 Display panel with animated graphical user interface
4 D766,288 Display of a television receiver with graphical user interface
5 D766,287 Display of a television receiver with graphical user interface
6 D766,286 Display of a television receiver with graphical user interface
7 D766,242 Mouse for computer
8 D766,198 TV receiver
9 D766,030 Oven range
10 9,445,480 Lighting system, lighting apparatus, and lighting control method
11 9,445,437 Methods and procedures for high speed UE access
12 9,445,434 Method and apparatus for transceiving signals in wireless communication systems
13 9,445,415 Method for transceiving signals between a base station and a relay node in a multiuser multi-antenna wireless communication system, and apparatus for same
14 9,445,413 Method and apparatus for receiving control information through blind decoding of an enhanced physical downlink control channel (EPDCCH)
15 9,445,388 Variable-positioning based reporting method in wireless communication system and device supporting same
16 9,445,378 Method and apparatus for coverage enhancement
17 9,445,328 Method for reselecting a cell at a user equipment in wireless communication system
18 9,445,319 Method and apparatus for controlling and resolving a handover failure when a dynamic cell off is occurred in wireless access system
19 9,445,311 Method and apparatus for transmitting indication in wireless communication system
20 9,445,292 Method for transmitting channel quality information based on differential scheme
21 9,445,261 Method and apparatus for reporting measurement result
22 9,445,258 Method and apparatus for supporting CSG service in wireless communication system
23 9,445,246 Mobility management entity having mobile switching center functionality
24 9,445,187 Method and an apparatus for processing an audio signal
25 9,445,175 Bluetooth headset
26 9,445,077 Method and apparatus for processing broadcast signal for 3-dimensional broadcast service
27 9,445,037 Method of transmitting and receiving broadcast signal and apparatus for receiving broadcast signal
28 9,445,035 Digital broadcast receiver and method for processing caption thereof
29 9,444,926 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
30 9,444,607 Method and apparatus for protecting a primary service in WLAN system
31 9,444,596 Method for allocating PHICH and generating reference signal in system using single-user MIMO based on multiple codewords when transmitting uplink
32 9,444,592 Method and apparatus for allocating a plurality of data symbols in a wireless communication system
33 9,444,579 Broadcast transmitter and method of processing broadcast service data for transmission
34 9,444,578 Method and apparatus of processing digital broadcasting signal in transmitter and receiver
35 9,444,568 Method for transmitting control information and apparatus for same
36 9,444,289 Wireless power system and resonant frequency changing method thereof
37 9,444,276 Mobile terminal capable of being charged in a wired or wireless manner
38 9,443,510 Speech recognition apparatus and method
39 9,443,328 Mobile terminal and method of controlling the mobile terminal for displaying visual effects in a user interface
40 9,443,242 Method for updating advertisement content using DRM
41 9,442,743 Mobile terminal
42 9,442,689 Wearable glass-type terminal, system having the same and method of controlling the terminal
43 9,442,629 Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
44 9,442,624 Mobile terminal for unlocking a touchscreen and controlling method thereof
45 9,442,590 Display device and method for controlling the same
46 9,442,578 Capacitive type stylus and mobile terminal comprising the same
47 9,442,484 Apparatus for switching driving modes of vehicle and method of switching between modes of vehicle
48 9,441,890 Heat exchanger fin with corrugated portion and louvers
49 9,441,883 Laundry treating machine
50 9,441,872 Refrigerator
51 9,441,849 Air conditioning system and controlling method thereof
52 9,441,826 Lighting apparatus
53 9,441,630 Horizontal type scroll compressor having discharge guide between a main scroll and a motor housing
54 9,441,621 Machine including compressor controlling apparatus and method
55 9,441,323 Laundry machine and controlling method thereof
56 9,441,322 Dryer with a waste heat recovery means
57 9,440,355 Mobile robot