LG Electronics patents granted on 14 April 2015

68 US patents granted on 14 April 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D726,980 Electric vacuum cleaner
2 D726,979 Electric vacuum cleaner
3 D726,786 Refrigerator
4 D726,785 Refrigerator
5 D726,741 Television screen with graphical user interface
6 D726,720 Head mounted display device
7 D726,719 Head mounted display device
8 D726,718 Head mounted display device
9 D726,714 Convertible computer
10 D726,688 Speaker
11 D726,680 Mobile phone
12 D726,679 Mobile phone
13 D726,678 Mobile phone
14 D726,677 Mobile phone
15 D726,676 Mobile phone
16 D726,675 Mobile phone
17 D726,674 Mobile phone
18 D726,673 Mobile phone
19 D726,670 Television receiver
20 D726,669 Television receiver
21 D726,668 Television receiver
22 D726,649 Portable battery for head mount display device
23 9,009,775 Broadcasting signal transmission device, broadcasting signal reception device, and method for transmitting/receiving broadcasting signal using same
24 9,009,774 Method and an apparatus for processing a broadcast signal including an interactive broadcast service
25 9,009,597 Method for displaying device connected media signal sink and media signal sink thereof
26 9,009,558 Channel coding method of variable length information using block code
27 9,008,845 Network system and control method thereof
28 9,008,737 Mobile terminal and an antenna for the mobile terminal
29 9,008,732 Mobile communication terminal and method for operating the same
30 9,008,731 Mobile terminal
31 9,008,730 Mobile terminal capable of providing multi-haptic effect and method of controlling the mobile terminal
32 9,008,675 Method and device for measuring a downlink in a wireless communication system
33 9,008,672 Method for transmitting and receiving system information via a broadcast channel (BCH) and a downlink shared channel (DL.sub.–SCH)
34 9,008,667 Method and apparatus for supporting CSG service in wireless communication system
35 9,008,619 Mobile terminal and control method of the same
36 9,008,606 Method for requesting emergency service at mobile station in a wireless communication system
37 9,008,570 Method of transmitting message at user equipment in wireless communication system and apparatus thereof
38 9,008,234 Apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal and method for transmitting and receiving a signal
39 9,008,218 Broadcast signal transmitter/receiver, and broadcast signal transceiving method
40 9,008,210 Method for providing information of access point selection
41 9,008,190 Apparatus for processing images and method thereof
42 9,008,183 Method of determining motion vectors for bi-predictive image block
43 9,008,071 Method and base station for transmitting downstream link data, and method and user device for receiving downstream link data
44 9,008,069 Method of utilizing resources efficiently in a reverse link transmission
45 9,008,067 Method for allowing terminal to transmit power headroom information in wireless communication system and device therefor
46 9,008,064 Method of constructing a coexistence protocol message
47 9,008,043 Method for processing data associated with location area update in a wireless communication system
48 9,008,031 Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in a wireless communication system
49 9,008,027 Method and apparatus for controlling transmit power in wireless communication system
50 9,008,025 Method of controlling transmit power of UE in wireless communication system and apparatus for the same
51 9,008,011 Method and apparatus for transmitting HARQ ACK/NACK signal in multi-antenna system
52 9,008,009 Method of resource block (RB) bundling
53 9,008,006 Random access method for multimedia broadcast multicast service(MBMS)
54 9,008,004 Method for sending RLC PDU and allocating radio resource in mobile communications system and RLC entity of mobile communications
55 9,008,000 Power headroom reporting in wireless communication system for supporting a plurality of serving cells
56 9,007,997 Method for setting a carrier indication field in a multi-carrier system
57 9,007,987 Method for transmitting an uplink signal and feedback information, and replay apparatus using the method
58 9,007,885 Uplink signal transmission and reception using optimized rank 3 codebook
59 9,007,670 Injection moldings, injection-molding apparatus and method thereof
60 9,007,526 Upgradeable display device and method for controlling the same
61 9,007,401 Head mounted display and method for controlling the same
62 9,007,361 Image display apparatus and method for operating the same
63 9,007,317 Apparatus and method for controlling displayed object and tactile feedback
64 9,004,885 Reciprocating compressor
65 9,003,839 Laundry machine
66 9,003,818 Heat pump type hot water supply apparatus
67 9,003,601 Vacuum cleaner
68 9,003,587 Drum type washing machine having touch up function and method for touching up thereof