LG Electronics patents granted on 14 July 2009

22 US patents granted on 14 July 2009 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D596,151 Cellular phone
2 D595,965 Decorative film for home appliances
3 7,561,892 PT service system and method
4 7,561,869 Push to talk (PTT) service mobile communication system and method
5 7,561,780 Text subtitle decoder and method for decoding text subtitle streams
6 7,561,778 Method for recording and managing a multi-channel stream
7 7,561,741 Apparatus for operating a mobile communication terminal with integrated photographic apparatus and method thereof
8 7,561,556 System and method for generating a public long code mask in a mobile communications system
9 7,561,528 System and method for changing duration of talk burst control timer
10 7,561,496 Recording medium with copy protection information and apparatus/method for forming, recording, reproducing, and restricting reproduction of the recording medium
11 7,561,418 Notebook computer
12 7,561,341 Lens, method of manufacturing the lens, and camera having the lens
13 7,561,193 Mobile communication terminal with integrated photographic apparatus and method for operating the same
14 7,561,153 Apparatus and method of driving plasma display panel
15 7,561,151 Method of driving plasma display panel
16 7,561,134 TFT-LCD driving system and method thereof
17 7,561,122 Plasma display apparatus capable of stabilizing wall charges after a reset period
18 7,560,861 Organic electro-luminescence display device with an organic electro-luminescence array and fabricating method thereof
19 7,560,846 Flux barrier type synchronous reluctance motor and rotor thereof
20 7,560,733 Organic light emitting device
21 7,559,818 Method of manufacturing a colorant-added upper dielectric layer for a PDP display
22 7,559,750 Overheating protection apparatus of scroll compressor