LG Electronics patents granted on 15 April 2014

36 US patents granted on 15 April 2014 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D702,659 Television receiver
2 8,701,144 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
3 8,701,142 Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
4 8,701,049 Electronic device and method of controlling mode thereof and mobile communication terminal
5 8,700,598 Manual search method and image display device using the same
6 8,700,098 Mobile terminal
7 8,700,074 Method and apparatus for managing message history data for a mobile communication device
8 8,700,039 Method and apparatus for coordinated multiple point transmission and reception
9 8,700,035 Mobile terminal and method for displaying wireless devices thereof
10 8,699,946 Contactless recharging of mobile terminal battery
11 8,699,866 Heating apparatus
12 8,699,854 Method for reproducing data recorded on an interactive recording medium in conjunction with associated auxiliary data
13 8,699,850 Method and apparatus for retrieving metadata for managing video data
14 8,699,610 Feedback scheme for multi-cell interference mitigation consideration legacy mobile users
15 8,699,562 Method and an apparatus for processing a video signal with blocks in direct or skip mode
16 8,699,512 Method for allocating resource for multicast and broadcast service data in wireless communication system and an apparatus therefor
17 8,699,470 Apparatus and method for transmitting data in a multi-antenna system
18 8,699,459 Apparatus and method for supporting handover in a multi-carrier communication system
19 8,699,442 Method and apparatus for transmitting data frame in WLAN system
20 8,699,440 Resource allocation method for broadband wireless connection system, and apparatus for performing same
21 8,699,436 Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink reference signal in a multi-antenna wireless communication system
22 8,699,385 Method for transmitting and receiving signals using a time division duplexing frame structure
23 8,699,318 Method of transmitting cyclic prefix length information
24 8,699,315 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving signals by using a preset frame structure in a wireless communication system
25 8,699,314 Method of allocating resources for transmitting uplink signal in MIMO wireless communication system and apparatus thereof
26 8,698,771 Transparent display apparatus and method for operating the same
27 8,698,753 Virtual optical input device with feedback and method of controlling the same
28 8,698,604 Reader control system
29 8,698,057 Ventilation hooded microwave oven and cooling system for the same
30 8,697,475 Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same
31 8,695,368 Refrigerator
32 8,695,232 Dryer
33 8,695,230 Control method of dryer
34 8,695,229 Control method of dryer
35 8,695,228 Composite washing system
36 8,695,160 Nozzle of vacuum cleaner