LG Electronics patents granted on 15 December 2015

39 US patents granted on 15 December 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D745,484 Mobile phone
2 9,215,718 Method for switching service of management device serving network or device
3 9,215,713 Antenna allocation based on feedback in a distributed antenna system
4 9,215,705 Method and apparatus for monitoring control channel in wireless communication system
5 9,215,704 Channel state information transmitting method and user equipment, channel state information receiving method and base station
6 9,215,675 Determining transmit power of a sounding reference signal for a first cell based on power for a second cell and power offset
7 9,215,672 Method for controlling transmission power, and apparatus for same
8 9,215,646 Method and device for transmitting/receiving data in wireless access system supporting multi-radio access technology
9 9,215,599 Method and apparatus of transmit power control in wireless local area network
10 9,215,573 Method for transmitting short messages in a broadband wireless access system
11 9,215,571 Method for transmitting and receiving packet for multi user in wireless local area network and apparatus for the same
12 9,215,497 Method for transmitting a broadcast service, and method and apparatus for receiving same
13 9,215,494 Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
14 9,215,493 Non-real-time broadcast service processing system and processing method thereof
15 9,215,446 Method for processing three dimensional (3D) video signal and digital broadcast receiver for performing the method
16 9,215,444 Broadcasting receiver and method for displaying 3D images
17 9,215,308 Mobile terminal and control method thereof
18 9,215,306 Mobile terminal and display control method thereof
19 9,215,300 Display module and mobile terminal including the same
20 9,215,060 Communication method for user equipment and user equipment, and communication method for base station and base station
21 9,215,054 Method and apparatus for transmitting positioning reference signal in wireless communication system
22 9,215,052 Method of allocating radio resources in multi-carrier system
23 9,215,050 Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink control information in wireless communication system
24 9,215,038 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals and method for receiving broadcast signals
25 9,215,035 Method of transmitting and receiving physical downlink shared channel in wireless communication system
26 9,215,016 Method and apparatus for mitigating inter-cell interference in wireless communication system
27 9,214,997 Operation of terminal for multi-antenna transmission
28 9,214,996 Method of receiving or transmitting downlink signal in wireless communication system and device for performing the method
29 9,214,593 Solar cell and method for manufacturing the same
30 9,214,584 Solar cell, method for manufacturing dopant layer, and method for manufacturing solar cell
31 9,213,483 Mobile terminal and information transfer method thereof
32 9,213,476 Apparatus and method for reproducing music in mobile terminal
33 9,213,464 Providing graphic user interface based upon usage history
34 9,213,449 Mobile terminal using proximity sensor and method of controlling the mobile terminal
35 9,212,852 Support mechanism for a heat exchanger in an air-conditioning system
36 9,212,847 Refrigerator having vegetable storage container
37 9,212,846 Refrigerator
38 9,212,446 Laundry machine and washing method with steam for the same
39 9,211,049 Dishwasher