LG Electronics patents granted on 15 September 2015

67 US patents granted on 15 September 2015 and assigned to LG Electronics

1 D738,942 Door for refrigerator
2 D738,941 Door for refrigerator
3 D738,940 Door for refrigerator
4 D738,939 Camera for refrigerator
5 D738,878 Mobile phone
6 D738,871 Mobile phone
7 D738,855 Speaker for home theaters
8 D738,849 Speaker for television receiver
9 D738,844 Cellular phone
10 D738,843 Mobile phone
11 D738,842 Mobile phone
12 D738,841 Mobile phone
13 D738,840 Mobile phone
14 D738,839 Cellular phone
15 D738,838 Television receiver
16 9,137,906 Mobile terminal
17 9,137,852 Data communication method and apparatus via interlock between heterogeneous networks in radio access system supporting multi radio access technology
18 9,137,848 Mobile terminal, controlling method thereof and recording medium thereof
19 9,137,845 Method for transmitting a signal related to a change in transmission format
20 9,137,840 Method for managing component carrier setting information and a device for the same
21 9,137,829 Cell reselection method for increasing random access success rate in wireless access system
22 9,137,824 Method for processing NDI in random access procedure and a method for transmitting and receiving a signal using the same
23 9,137,820 Method for transmitting scheduling information in mobile communication system and femtocell base station apparatus using the same
24 9,137,809 Method and device for removing inter-cell interference of an access point in a wireless access system
25 9,137,796 Method and apparatus for monitoring scheduling information
26 9,137,793 Method for efficiently performing initial access in a multi-carrier broadband wireless access system
27 9,137,791 Method for switching operating carrier at a user equipment in wireless communication system
28 9,137,786 Method and apparatus for transceiving channel availability query and response in a wireless communication system
29 9,137,769 Data transmission method in M2M device group
30 9,137,762 Method for transmitting uplink and wireless device using same
31 9,137,747 Method and apparatus for selecting a node in a distributed multi-node system
32 9,137,741 Method of scanning cells based on LBS information and selecting heterogeneous cells
33 9,137,738 Method and apparatus for transmitting management information frame in wireless local area network system
34 9,137,736 Method of transmitting and receiving channel bandwidth information in a wireless communication system
35 9,137,726 Method for selecting an adaptive CoMP scheme
36 9,137,697 Method and apparatus for performing logged measurement in a wireless communication system
37 9,137,669 Mobile device and control method thereof
38 9,137,643 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method in the digital broadcasting system
39 9,137,624 Method and device for performing ranging in a wireless communication system
40 9,137,572 Digital cable TV receiver, diagnostic method for the digital cable TV receiver, and data structure of DVI status report
41 9,137,523 Method and apparatus for controlling image display so that viewers selectively view a 2D or a 3D service
42 9,137,479 Display device, controlling method for the display device and standing apparatus
43 9,137,437 Method for changing displayed characteristics of a preview image
44 9,137,297 Information management system for home appliance
45 9,137,073 Method for transmitting signal on bandwidth request channel at mobile station, mobile station apparatus using the same, method for performing bandwidth request procedure at base station, and base station apparatus using the same
46 9,136,994 Method and device for transmitting data in a multi antenna wireless communication system
47 9,136,988 Method of transmitting data to mitigate interference
48 9,136,960 Method of processing traffic information and digital broadcast system
49 9,136,930 Method and device for feeding back channel information in wireless communication system supporting multi-input multi-output scheme
50 9,136,119 Non-polar substrate having hetero-structure and method for manufacturing the same, and nitride-based light emitting device using the same
51 9,135,922 Method for processing audio signals, involves determining codebook index by searching for codebook corresponding to shape vector generated by using location information and spectral coefficients
52 9,135,891 Image projection module, mobile device including image projection module and method for operating the same
53 9,135,408 Method and device for managing authorization of right object in digital rights managment
54 9,134,952 Terminal and control method thereof
55 9,134,949 Head mount display and method for controlling output of the same
56 9,134,905 Mobile terminal and method of organizing a menu screen therein
57 9,134,859 Touch panel display device
58 9,134,846 Image display apparatus and method of controlling the same
59 9,134,068 Diagnostic method for a clothes treating apparatus
60 9,134,067 Dehumidifying apparatus for dryer
61 9,134,062 Refrigerator
62 9,134,059 Supercooling non-freezing compartment for refrigerator appliance
63 9,134,011 Apparatus for planar lighting
64 9,133,576 Detergent supply apparatus and washing machine
65 9,133,575 Washing machine and control method thereof
66 9,133,574 Washing machine
67 9,131,828 Dishwasher